Universal Energy Tapped Into for Healing Low Self-Confidence for a Far Better Life

For those of us who truly understand the universal energy within us, not outside of you, then you will discover your best ally. 

If you have no confidence in self, you are two times beat in the race of life. With confidence, you will find happiness and success before you have begun.

Everyone has been enlightened to the story about the tortoise and the hare in our youth.

All of us know what completion of the story was; the tortoise won the race due to perseverance and a never-say-die spirit.

Would the tortoise have won if he had no self-confidence in his abilities? I believe not.

Confidence lies at the core of every success that you experience in your life. Yes, from little joys to huge ones.

Likewise, we wouldn’t have accomplished it if we didn’t believe in ourselves. Having said this it is essential for us to know the opposite of the story.

It is a fact that not many people are really positive of ourselves, of our skills and of our inner self.

When faced with a new circumstance or individuals, we frequently discover ourselves blindsided by abrupt bouts of uneasiness and anxiety.

Much of us have actually fumbled while addressing an audience; a lot others find themselves with sweaty palms while making a vital presentation.

As well, yet others find their heartbeats racing on their very first date.

Keep in mind that the Course in Miracles states: 

  • “Would you continue to give imagined power to these strange ideas of safety? They do nothing at all, being nothing at all.”

Any typical individual, I would say almost 85% people experience low confidence.

While it might seem like the end of the world, the reality is that it actually is really easy to tackle.

Realizing universal energy for self-confidence could be the answer to all your problems.

I mean, if you want to see dramatic changes in yourself don’t be terrified to learn to go within.

This is why I urge that you learn how to do mindfulness meditation, and I highly suggest this 7 Minute Mindfulness practice.

Before we embark upon the journey of instilling confidence in you through universal energy, let’s understand the basics of low self-confidence.

The fact of the matter is that low self-confidence is typically our doing. Yes, which ricochets back to us from other individuals.

Believe it or not, individuals even strangers can notice the low self-confidence levels in you. Likewise, this simply triggers a similar sensation in them about you.

From getting turned down in an interview, to a failed marital relationship; from being chuckled at in school.

Or, perhaps it’s not getting enough responsibility at work, low self-confidence has a flair. I mean to leak into every corner of our lives.

Common examples of having low self-confidence are:

Exam nerves, fear of public speaking, of being spoken with, of meeting new people. Not to forget, phase shock, fear of being scorned, and so on.

Low self confidence is not simply an “on the surface” problem, the reasons behind this could be a lot deeper.

It couldn’t be truer; universal energy lets you conquer your worries of brand-new circumstances and people.

Tapping into universal energy for confidence lets you be comfortable in your own skin and clear the mess in your mind.

Any normal person, I would state practically 85% of us suffer from low self-confidence.

Like I said, while it might appear like the end of the world, the reality is that it really is  simple to take on.

Before we embark upon the journey of instilling self-confidence in you through universal energy, let’s understand the basics of low self confidence.

The fact of the matter is that low self-confidence is often from our own fears and doubts. It is our own doing, which penetrates back to us from other individuals.

Low self self-confidence is an inward issue, the reasons behind this could be a lot much deeper.

(Here’s another suggested article about building self-confidence today.But the bulk simply either overlook the problems or concentrate on the negatives: tension, worry, tasks, the bills to pay.) 

Next, let’s explore and discover the great orator which is you!

Universal Energy for Confidence

Sudden bouts of anxiousness and palpitations do not show that you are having a major health condition.

In many cases it simply shows an absence of self self-confidence. It would be safe to say again that much of mankind suffers from low confidence.

If only we might find a magic lamp to treat us of it. Well, I am here to tell you that such a miracle light exists and it is called universal energy within you.

We have mentioned that universal energy for self-confidence is in fact a plausible alternative offered to you.

So first let’s talk about how low confidence impacts us in daily life.

See, a person’s confidence is like a flashlight in the dark … it beams outwards from us and other individuals can see it.

Even however low self-confidence is an internal problem, the affects of it can be seen externally.

Some of us have more visible physical responses to low confidence … sweating, stammering, shaking, blushing; these are all by items of low confidence.

Realizing universal energy first assists you to deal with the core problem of low confidence. I’m saying your self image in your own eyes.

Through the help of your thoughts for self-confidence, you can take care of many problems.

Yes, the troubles in life related to stress and anxiety and low self-confidence.

When you suffer from a bout of nerves and are low on confidence, you need to channelize that unfavorable energy someplace else.

By working on your inner self-confidence and making you aware of all the positives in you, universal energy clears your mind.

A Course in Miracles further states:

  • “The quiet light in which the Holy Spirit dwells within you is merely perfect openness, in which nothing is hidden and therefore nothing fearful.”

Likewise, this clarity is manifested externally through a sense of self confidence and assertiveness.

Keep in mind, nerves can be dealt with, only if you desire to deal with yourself.

Some of us have more visible physical responses to low self-confidence than others do.

As mentioned above, and more, here, getting hot headed and angry often with sweating and stammering.

It might be shaking, blushing; these are all by products of low confidence that can be dealt with when you learn to tap into the universal energy within you.

Through the aid of these things in the universe called “Your Thoughts” turned around, you will move forward.

It’s your own power of thoughts that create the universal energy within you for building self-confidence.

Here is where you can take care of many problems related to stress and anxiety and low confidence.

By working on your inner confidence and making you aware of all the positives in you, these things in the universe called Your Thoughts clears your mind.

Likewise, this clearness is manifested externally through a sense of gaining self-confidence and assertiveness.

(I also recommend this related article on this higher level of inner Self is where you will find the power of self confidence for living a healthy life.) 

To the power of your thoughts,

James Nussbaumer

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