Warm Love Finding Your Life and Being Happy

Lots of people are complaining about the lack of love in their life. They act as if some stranger chose one day to take away the love out of their lives.

Other individuals are trying to make it through in a bad relationship that holds their success captive. They live in worry and anger every day however do not understand how to leave this jail.

Do you understand such individuals? Does this sound like you? Do you feel lonely, are you imagining the best one who will appear one day and end all the anguish you’re going through now?

The bad news is this will not occur.
Fortunately is YOU can do a lot yourself to feel loved.

Let me describe Warm Love:

Life is like a structure. There are a lot of floorings: the ground flooring, the cellar, the very first floor, 2nd flooring and so on.

The greater you enter the structure, the more light there is, the much easier and lighter things are, the more friendly and energetic individuals are, the greater are the vibrations and most of all: the more love there is.

Image this building of life in your psychological eye. In the cellar you will discover individuals like rapers, thiefs, harassers, killers, individuals who beat their kids or buddy and others who made a life out of hurting others.

On the groundfloor you will discover a great deal of individuals. In fact most of humanity lives here. These are the ones who content themselves by vegetating instead of living. They do not believe on their own, they go through life. They not do anything. They live like robots. They go to their job every day, come home every day, watch the very same tv program every day with a beer in one hand and a hotdog in the other hand. They do not dream. They are stuck in their lifestyle and believe whatever will always be the same.

Then you go up. As I stated, the WARMER you get, the simpler, the lighter life is.

Life IS easy, life IS light. The cellar, groundfloor and lower floorings are creations from the human mind. We created these lifestyles by our heavy ideas, ideas about deficiency, worry, death, anger, sadness, vengeance and so on. Here are the lives of those who choose to think low energy thoughts.

Those who reside in fear, hate, jealousy, doubts, low self esteem, problems. Those have bad relationships, where struggle and anger and negativity set the tone. They are not happy. They maintain the impression whatever is someone else’s fault and they have either to wait for the other to change, so their life will change, or they have to destroy the other one to have a better life (think about the one who eliminates the partner of the lady he wishes to live with, or those who eliminate other minded people in order to be complimentary to live like they want).

Selfishnes or selflesness will never give warm freedom or love.

So what to do if you want to go up because building of life and live free and in love?

First you have to decide. Yes, you have to choose WHERE you want to be. On which floor do you wish to live your life now?

Let’s state you want to be at the 17th flooring. You feel you are at this moment in your life at the 3rd floor just. You dislike your job, you have a lousy relationship with your partner, you’re in bad shape and your energy is low.

You decided you wanted a life in the vibration of the 17th floor, where there is love, genuine friendship, positive expectations, inner strength, power, a task you like, health and wealth.

What to do? You chose where you wish to be. What you will do now? Should you wait up until someone will knock on your door to take you there? No way! Will never take place! Even if you would satisfy someone with an energy level of 17, he will never ever carry you from the 3rd to the 17th floor, since he will be exhausted. It needs to be YOUR choice and YOUR action!!

So YOU have to move yourself up feeling WARM with Love.

How? Check out! Find out more! Check out how you can produce your life by changing your ideas and your habits! Go to workshops where you can find out how to unleash your inner power.

Use the terrific details bank which is called Internet and which offers you a bunch of positive details and e-courses (often for free). Surround you with caring people. Learn how to enjoy yourself.

So first you decide where you want to be. Than you do whatever you can to arrive, on your own. You might ask aid naturally, you might discover yourself a coach (which is actually a great choice!) however don’t try to find somebody to bring you You will drop right away the moment he puts you down.

If you didn’t arrive by yourself, it won’t last, it is not worth anything because you moved yourself up with someone else’s energy and you are depending upon his energy.

When you get at the floor of your option, let’s state 17, you will satisfy automatically individuals who vibrate at this level of energy. People who feel good about themselves and who don’t require others to take their energy. They enjoy and appreciate others.

Do you.

Lots of individuals are grumbling about the absence of WARM, COMFORTABLE love in their life.

They act as if some complete stranger decided one day to take away the love out of their lives. Life IS easy, life IS light. They keep the impression whatever is somebody else’s fault and they have either to wait for the other to change, so their life will alter.

Or,they have to ruin the other one to have a better life (think of the one who kills the partner of the lady he desires to live with, or those who eliminate other minded people in order to be totally free to live like they desire). On which floor do you desire to live your life now?

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