Wealth Creation and the Secret of Attraction for Manifesting Abundance

There has been a lot of material lately about wealth creation and the Law of Abundance and some have messaged me asking my opinion if it’s real or fake news and simply New Age nonsense.

While others claim that it’s the essential for how to attract wealth and to get the life you want.

Can this idea of the secret of attraction actually help you for wealth creation and to attract abundance into your life?  

  • The first thing you have to understand is that you are always attracting something.
  • Next, if things aren’t going the way you want, if your health is suffering, or you’re poor, then it’s since you have actually brought those things into your life.
  • That may sound harsh, but it isn’t suggested to be. Instead, consider it a wake-up call.

Right now you might be subject to think that you can begin wealth creation by the universal law of attraction, and that you do not want to be unhealthy, or lacking, or have unfavorable things in your life.  

If so, then you have currently recognized part of the issue. One of the primary guidelines of attraction is that you will get what you focus on.  

By focusing on not wanting poor or bad health, for example, you are in fact bringing poor health into your life.

The way to begin fixing all this and to begin manifesting abundance is to concentrate on what you want, rather than exactly what you don’t desire.



It isn’t constantly simple to do, and a great deal of your ideas will be at the subconscious level, however you need to constantly be aware of what your true focus is.

The more you can concentrate on the important things you truly desire, the faster you will have them.

There is one significant catch to wealth creation, though.  

  • Focus in and of itself isn’t really quite adequate. 
  • You likewise have to firmly think that you can draw in abundance.  
  • The issue is that if you are lacking things, then it’s hard to believe you can have them as there is no physical proof. 
  • The bright side is that you can navigate this problem.

What you can do to help align with the law of abundance is soak up success stories of those individuals who already have the things you desire.

The other thing you can do is surround yourself with pictures of those exact same things. By doing that you will get visual reminders that these things exist, and are there for you.

Another essential thing to do to for how to attract wealth or how to attract money is to begin building confidence on your small successes.

Think about each accomplishment as a sign that you are getting exactly what you want, then you will quickly discover that you will get more of it.

Then when you get more, build and create on it.

Before your eyes sooner than you’d think, you will be in the midst of a flood of prosperity and abundance as your ideas come to their right-minded and positive inevitable conclusion.

Consider that the Course in Miracles teaches, “The world you see must be denied, for sight of it is costing you a different kind of vision.

Next, I want to discuss actually getting on the path toward prosperity and abundance in your life, where financial freedom is a way of life for you.

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Wealth Creation Tips to Pave the Way

There are so many things included with manifesting abundance that it would take a lot more than one short article to discuss everything.

So, I’ll discuss a basic few-action step overview of help you get a fantastic start for how to attract wealth for a life time.

  • Action Step 1: Set Specific Goals

Objectives and goals are a must and is the very first and one of the most essential action steps you’ll take to accomplish wealth. Short-term goals might be daily, weekly and regular monthly goals.

Long-lasting goals include the quantity of wealth you wish to draw in near to you within a year, 1-3 years, or perhaps even four to seven and beyond.

Both kinds of goals are necessary to develop wealth. Without objectives, you are walking around blindly without any care or idea of what’s ahead.

This pattern of life makes certain to leave you empty-handed!

The Course in Miracles states, “You have been wrong about the world because you have misjudged yourself.”

  • Action Step 2: Create a Business Plan

Your wealth creation strategy needs to highlight where you are now, where you prepare to be in the future, and how you’re going to get there.

Fill in the blanks below to create a rough prosperity and abundance strategy.

Your existing earnings __________________

Business revenues and expenses (if you already own a business):_____________________

If working for someone else): ______________________

Business spending plan (or personal budget: __________________________

Capital needed upfront to operate and promote business: ____________________

Plans to acquire the capital needed (source of capital): ______________________

Spending plan (promotions, supplies, stock, online expenditures, and so on): ________________

Expectations (What results do you expect from your initial efforts?): ____________________

Developing a business strategy is an essential action for wealth creation and how to attract money even if you don’t own a business right now.

So do see that you must write down a comparable strategy to reach your prosperity and abundance wealth goals.

  • Action Step 3: Avoid Harmful Debt

Remember, there are 2 types of debt: damaging financial obligation and needed debt.

Hazardous debt is the financial obligation you produce for things you do not need such as extreme shopping, luxury products, costly cars and trucks that you cannot pay for, and so on.

Required financial obligation is a financial obligation many people need to have to live, such as a home mortgage, vehicle loan (cost effective), medical, college, etc.

You may ask, “I thought these actions were for wealth creation?”

As it happens, financial obligation is the reverse of wealth. The more debt you have, the less wealth you will accumulate.

You can’t conserve cash or invest money that comes from another person. If you make $4,000 in income this month, however owe $3,000 in loans (prior to everyday living expenses), you can’t potentially have extra money to invest.

You need to either make more or offer some items to settle your debt. You should prevent this “debt trap” if you intend on building wealth for the future.

Another kind of financial obligation is one for your organization. You might secure a bank loan to get things started or to promote your service.

Attempt to avoid service debt until you have actually evaluated it a while if you are unpredictable about whether the organization will bring revenues.

  • Action Step 4: Develop a Personal Plan

Above, you established a company plan. Now it’s time to develop an individual plan. What jobs will you do daily for how to attract wealth?

Put yourself on a schedule and a strict budget. Pursue your goals daily by making a list of things to do and marking off each product on the list as you finish the tasks.

In your budgeting, consist of a set amount of funds you will put away in savings (cost savings account, IRA, penny stocks (my favorite), bonds, and so on).

In fact this is why I urge you to watch the free video on the PROOF how all penny stocks have helped many learn how to attract money and become a resource for accomplishing their goals.

If you prepare to invest, make sure to diversify your financial investments. Pick only one or two high-risk investments and numerous “more secure” investments such as shared funds or bonds.

  • Action Step 5: Stay concentrated on your objectives and goals, not the circumstances

Even if sales are down in your business, don’t stop dead in your tracks. Remember, organizations have peaks and valleys.

  • Action Step 6: Develop the Power of Visualization

Construct a mindfully mental focus, through daily meditation is something many do, and reinforce the note that, in a nutshell, wealth creation does not take place over night.

And I like to practice this 7 minute mindfulness meditation as a daily routine, sometimes more often, but be sure to do so with ease and enjoyment. 

A get-rich-quick scheme is not what you’re looking for. How to attract wealth happens with consistent labor towards the objectives and goals you have actually created.

You can build wealth for your future if you do not fluctuate from these basic realities that have worked for millions of others!

Remember, if you are unpredictable about whether your business venture will bring you the wealth creation you want, be more focused on the love within you and be truly dedicated to your goals.

After all, the Course in Miracles states, “Love is not learned. Its meaning lies within itself.

Next, this leads me to giving you a wealth creation exercise that has been tested and true, for long-lasting results.

(This brief related article tells us of the psychology of money and instant manifestation with the law of abundance.) 

An Easy Manifesting Abundance Exercise

Here’s a simple, fun and easy workout to improve your wealth awareness, focus your mind and get behind yourself so that you can attract wealth for real, and in due time.

The following exercise is among many mini-workouts you can do at your computer, without even having to get up, and does not take any more than a quick minute or so to complete.

This is a fundamental power of visualization exercise which is extremely cool to do for real when you, say, for example, take an elevator, in a tall building, down to the lobby. 

For now, imagine you’re in a ten story building starting at the 10th floor.

Okay, you must stop off at each other floor to check in with your action step coach or teacher or mentor, however you decide to call him/her.

On each floor when you greet your Teacher you will make a wealth affirmation.

Floor 10:  I am prepared for prosperity and abundance!

Take a deep breath and go the next action.

Floor 9: Manifesting Abundance is my birthright.

Take a deep breath and proceed to the next action.

Floor 8: I am easily learning how to attract wealth.

Take a deep breath and move to the next action.

Floor 7: The secret of attraction aligns with me easily.

Take a deep breath and go to the next floor for another action.

Floor 6: I welcome wealth creation into all I do.

Take a deep breath and to the next action.

Floor 5: The Law of Attraction is my partner and my good friend.

Take a deep breath and go to the next floor to the next affirmation.

Floor 4: How to attract money is fun and easy.

Take a deep breath and meet your Teacher on the next floor.

Floor 3: Wealth creation enters into all and every aspect of my life.

Take a deep breath and go to the next action.

Floor 2: I am now totally aligned with the universal law of attraction…

Now take a deep breath get in the elevator and OPEN YOUR ARMS as you arrive in the lobby of the 1st floor of the wealth creation building:


Smile, take in a breath of fresh air, and walk out of the building and into your new life filled with prosperity and abundance!

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If things aren’t going like you actually want, if your health is suffering, or you’re in a mode of lack or a scarcity mindset, then it’s due to you attracting those things into your life.

Now you might be seeing that that you really want to attract wealth, and that you don’t desire to be unhealthy, or lacking in any way, or have negative things in your life.

Remember to surround yourself with photos, videos, writings, and more of those same things.

Another important thing to do to attract abundance is to develop on your successes. 

Your how to attract wealth strategy ought to illustrate where you are now, where you prepare to be in the future, and how you’re going to get there.  

I also want to add that I have been surprised at the power of emotional, visualization practices.

Emotional, visualization practices means writing down objectives and goals, events and people that have mattered to you in your own life–not just describing the facts of your wants and dreams. 

Research shows that even brief meditation or visualization exercises about your passions can have substantial impacts on spiritual, psychological and physical health for a lifetime.

Although in the dominant Western culture we often use the power of visualization to keep aligned and focused on the path we’ve set, I have also seen the power of oral storytelling about why you want to achieve certain goals.

For example, sharing stories is a major tool in many interventions developed by American Indian healers for helping their youth grow and mature into successful tribe leaders.

(Here’s a related article showing how to manifest money now with miracle minded secrets of a millionaire mindset.) 

To success and happiness,

James Nussbaumer

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