What is Happiness and How to Attain It Especially When You Have No Desires?

Far too often people long for true happiness when they are up against a thought process of a life with no real desires.

Here I’ll go a bit, “Rampant,” so to speak, on what does it take to begin producing the desires in one’s heart?

I mean just to get you thinking about your own life!


Let’s move on in life.

True happiness is such an uncommon product that the whole of the world is constantly seeking it and stopping working to find it. Why is joy such an elusive thing?

Or is it that it is not where all of us have been looking for it?

It is either that we have actually all been looking for joy at the incorrect places or that it is simply not possible to accomplish joy.

It is obvious that if the whole of the humankind has been trying to discover something throughout the history and failing to get it then something should be very wrong about the idea we have of happiness.

Let us try to dig a bit deeper. What is it that we consider happiness? This is how I see it:

When what you desire to take place happens, joy is what you feel.

And if this meaning of happiness is proper then we can conclude that distress is what we feel when what we want to happen does not occur.

These definitions look apparent adequate however for one of the most of individuals they are not. A minimum of not so clearly defined in their minds. It would therefore be better if we stop to ponder over these meanings.

How can we accomplish real happiness and endless joy?

We must recognize that for the majority of the problems, the options are often simple and apparent enough if one understands the problem plainly.

Even more surprising is the truth that the options mostly depend on the issue itself. It holds true in the case of happiness too.

Let us think about the above meaning thoroughly. The primary keyword in the definition is “desire”. The entire trouble begins when we want something.

Every minute of our lives we keep on wanting something or the other.

If we could make a list of all the important things we desire in our lives given that childhood to death, consisting of minor along with very crucial, all the paper in the world possibly would not suffice for this function.

Just a small portion of all our dreams is fulfilled in spite of all our endeavors.

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The percentage of wishes, which remain unfinished, continues growing with time. As an outcome, as we grow older, we end up being more and more dissatisfied. We weary of life.
The true blessings, which our lives and the whole presence keep showering upon us, slowly lose their beauty. The disappointment, of failing to meet most of our wishes, sets in.

We begin feeling weighed down and lacking motivation.

The feeling that the entire life is somehow conspiring to keep us unhappy grows. Life ends up being loaded with torments. We keep stumbling from one failure to another.
We should explore the possibility of a life of no desires or minimum desires. It seems that we do absolutely nothing else but keep producing desires and then keep having a hard time to meet them. 
If one does not want anything, he has no opportunity of getting dissatisfied due to failure in fulfilling his desire. 
One might argue that a life of no desires will be bereft of pleasures. That it will become colorless and dull.
However this property is not real. We need to understand that the world does not and can not work as per our impulses and fancies. We are too insignificant in the scheme of the existence.

We can have control only over our desires and not on the elements needed to meet them. During winter, we might desire that the sun shines a bit more in the sky but sun has no obligation to behave according to our desires.

We may prefer that every other human being around us acts in such a method that his acts do not harm us at all and just make us delighted, but the other person has his own desires and compulsions and he will act accordingly.

We might prefer that whenever we request for something we get it.

However the force or the individual who has the power to give our wishes might not want to do so or might not be able to do so due to the fact that of his or its own compulsions.

Are we ourselves constantly willing or able to satisfy the demands of others around us?

If not, then how can we hope that our demands need to always be fulfilled.

In truth if we stop briefly to consider it thoroughly then it will end up being apparent that there always is more likelihood of our desires not getting satisfied.

Then why keep preferring continuously and exposing ourselves to distress?

It is a blunder on our part that we think about joy and enjoyment to be the same.

Given that we have actually ended up being obsessed with our desires we have actually ceased to notice sources of pleasure.

As a result, and as a consequence fail to get it when it is readily available. We might prefer to check out the most gorgeous sea beach in the world.

We need to check out the possibility of a life of no desires or minimum desires.

It appears that we do nothing else but keep producing desires and then keep having a hard time to meet them. If one does not prefer anything, he has no opportunity of getting unhappy due to failure in fulfilling his desire.

During winter, we might prefer that the sun shines a bit more in the sky but sun has no commitment to act as per our desires.

We might desire that every other human being around us acts in such a way that his acts do not hurt us at all and just make us pleased. But the other person has his own desires and obsessions and he will act accordingly.

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To your happiest life ever, 

James Nussbaumer

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