How To Truly Use Your Emotions Like Anger to Bring You Closer to Your Life Dream

Here are tips and tools to use your anger or perhaps how to use your emotions to enhance your life and reach your life goals and dreams.

Is it a sun-filled glorious day for you, or is gloomy and dark?

Sure often we deeply ponder and have silent moods or sink into solitude where we are trying to figure life out.

I’m sure you know what I mean.


I also mean using those feelings of depression that are ruining your life to help overcome the life challenges that only seem to be getting in your way.

Most likely more than 33% of all anguishes that problem humankind are psychological. Psychiatrists mainly discover that their patients are mentally bothered and psychologically feeble.

Struggling individuals have their minds deteriorated or overwhelmed by strong feelings.

Further diagnosis might reveal that the client was abused or maltreated as a kid. The injury had actually impressed an unfavorable emotion that remained in him, grew, and finally took over his frame of mind and perceptions.

How To Use Your Emotions to Better Your Life

Let’s take an easier and more typical example.

Mary could not figure out why John suddenly ended up being argumentative about what cake to buy. John could not take being opposed anymore, even with a basic decision on what cake to purchase.

Everyday, lots of people are held hostage or prisoners by their feelings.

They let feelings rule their lives and decide how whatever would turn out. If they have no option but to yield to their feelings, they act as. They let emotions use them.

If you choose to, you can utilize emotions to your benefit. Rather of letting them take over your life and destroy it too, you can use your emotions to develop you up.

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The reality is that feelings of depression ruining your life have no power to control anything or anyone.

A Course in Miracles gives us this spiritual metaphysical principle to helps you use your emotions:

  • “Accept the gladness what you do not understand, and let it be explained to you as you perceive its purpose work in it to make it holy.”

The only reason they appear to be so frustrating is that they are typically given power to be so. Feelings are similar to power beggars. They wait to be given power.

By themselves, they can do nothing. Once they are provided significance, they grab that chance and take over. Keep in mind, feelings can grow in power overnight.

The good news is that you can order your feelings and use your anger to propriety.

With the ideal training, you can enforce a process that submits the feelings to a practical will. An useful will is that which is commanded by a strong and useful mind.

It will be a gradually altering character everyday of how to use your emotions if a character has this operation.

When an inspired useful mind decides on what behavior to manifest and how to manifest it, a healthy personality is the outcome.

A healthy character is one that uses its feelings, rather than letting feelings utilize it.

The trauma had actually impressed a negative emotion that remained in him, grew, and lastly took over his frame of mind and understandings.

They let emotions rule their lives and choose how everything would turn out. They let feelings use them.

The truth is that feelings have no power to manage anything or anyone. A healthy personality is one that makes use of its emotions, rather than letting feelings utilize it.

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All my best to you for happiness and love always,

James Nussbaumer

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