What Makes a Good Marriage Counselor to help Heal the Relationship?

What makes a good marriage counselor is to identify the lessons that you both must learn. The challenge to all marriages as even marriage advice from Dr. Phil, has said in more ways than one, bad and good, is to find new ways of loving each other.

  • What lesson am I being called to learn in this conflict?
  • What can I learn about my partner and myself?
  • What can I learn in order to address this issue and move forward?
  • What are warning signs of a bad marriage?
  • What are reasons for marital affairs?

The important thing to realize is that you are always learning, and finding new ways of understanding and loving each other as well as yourselves.

Think of your marriage issues as an opportunity for growth and understanding, and these are tips for women for a good marriage as well as the guys.

The key is to understand the issues and to find small ways to move forward, without attack type thoughts when a problem occurs.

The spiritual metaphysical principles of the Course in Miracles teach that, “When you attack, you are denying yourself.”

You can call opportunity for growth objectives and goals to be aligned with.

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What makes a good marriage counselor asks you to challenge your own thoughts of attack, like judgement, harsh criticism and the like toward your spouse.

Another is to challenge their point and ascertain whether it is correct.

Are both of you correct, or is one of you incorrect in your viewpoint? How much is one person’s viewpoint inhibiting the beliefs, values, or morals of the other?

What makes a good marriage counselor is to help you see the most important point here however, is introspection.

Helping you see to evaluate your reactions and actions is also what makes a good marriage counselor.

What can you learn from your partner and your marriage today?

As each of us evolve and grow, we are called to learn different lessons in different ways, and one of the exciting things about marriages is the way we interact and negotiate our way around issues when we look at things from different perspectives.

The secret is to never stop learning.

What determines whether this challenge is a negative or positive experience for your marriage is how both of you choose to react to your differences and work around them.

What makes a good marriage counselor is suggesting that you don’t be too hard on yourself, because one of the greatest relationships we are called into over the course of our life is marriage.

This does not necessarily mean that it is the most important life relationship.

But it is one whose success or failure has the greatest impact on your adult life.

And in looking at marriage, there are a number of key skills that are crucial to navigating your way through marriage.

You may or may not be aware of it, but over the course of a lifetime you learn more about how life works, how other people work, and even about yourself and how you interact with others.

Life is continually calling us into learning, and this is especially applicable when it comes to human relationships.

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To healing the relationship,

James Nussbaumer

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