What Ruins a Marriage other than Selfishness in a Materialistic World

Let’s talk about what ruins a marriage terribly when the couple may lose control of their lives.

Many marriages and dating relationships stop working years prior to the love in the hearts of the couples. 

I am saying that the direct exposure to a value system that promotes the acquisition of material belongings. Sure, materialistic pleasures that has a direct affect on our advancement as children.

We learn early in life to take control of our product possessions, we may say, and lack for a better phrase.

This materialistic mentality opens up a door for the ego-based mind to take charge.

The ego being that fearful, doubting, selfish nature, and more of the like, called wrong-mindedness.

Keep this in mind what A Course in Miracles teaches us:

  • “The acceptance of peace is the denial of illusion, and sickness is an illusion. The ego always seeks to divide and separate. The Holy Spirit always seeks to unify and heal.” 

We often discover to believe that we can do what we desire with those possessions.

Likewise, my partner, my other half, my cash, my toys, my bike, my cars and truck.

Or, my woman, my husband, and mine, mine, mine!

Unconsciously we believe these belongings are our servants and should be at our beckon call. Or, perform a particular function that we desire.

At anytime, when our belongings do not adhere to our desires or expectation, we become annoyed. The truth is these are not our possessions, particularly human beings.

What ruins a marriage other than the desire to make our mates to take a subservient position to our desires.

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This selfishness is the start of the end of a healthy marriage or dating relationship.

The core of the problems in marital relationships and dating relationships today is that we depend on customs.

What I mean here is, incorrect promises by others and institutions that manipulate our hopes and dreams for revenues.

We have actually been led to believe that institutions are held to a greater requirement. Likewise, do not fall into the same classification as others who are motivated by self-centered desires; but they are!

There remain in excess of over 410,000 marital relationship counselors, workshops, and therapy sessions published on the Internet.

Marriage counselors are proclaiming to have the solution for what ruins a marriage.

Do you believe they care about your marital relationship or dating relationship?

The judicial branch of government is blaming the legislative branch. The legal branch is blaming the judicial branch, and church organizations are partnering with social scientist to qualify for federal funding to rebuild marital relationships.

Where is the option to answer to what ruins a marriage ?

Dating relationships that cause marriage is the basic social institution deeply rooted in all societies. To uphold and safeguard the institution of marital relationship, we need to put focus on the truth.

The institution of marital relationship ought to not be constructed on the conventional structure of the past.

The institution of marriage must be developed on a strong foundation representing real and true love. Certainly, and genuineness, cooperation, and sacrifice, mutually putting our desires and opinions to bay.

People who get in a dating relationship or marital relationship with opposing goals have problems arise. But that can fixed and happiness revived.

They desperately want to fulfill their own desires, will have a failed dating relationship or marriage.

Fraud, looking for to meet private desires, and imposing one’s opinions on another are harmful ingredients for all marriages and relationships.

So, them, I ask, what ruins a marriage?

It is time for us to face the fact and to embrace a different posture when looking for a dating partner or a sincere marital relationship.

We should alter our perspective and assess why living together in consistency is such a special job. We then need to use the real meaning of love.

Yes, of course, and togetherness and after that we can begin to live happily ever after!

Numerous marital relationships and dating relationships stop working years prior to the caring couples meet.

The core of the issues in marital relationships and dating relationships today is that we rely on traditions. As well, false promises by others and organizations that control our hopes and dreams for earnings.

Do you think they care about your marriage or dating relationship?

Dating relationships that lead to marriage is the basic social institution deeply rooted in all societies.

People who go into a dating relationship or marital relationship are trying to figure one another out.

The women want to know what he’s thinking about her and the love. Yes, and the men are wanting answers too.

When they have opposing objectives, which are to satisfy their own desires, an unsuccessful dating relationship or marriage will result.

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To success in life and love, 

James Nussbaumer

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