When you are Down and How to Overcome what’s Holding you Back in Life

I can tell you that when you are down from my own experiences there in prison you just need to go within you.

If we merely ask for the light of truth to come and meet us, it will come in an instant. 

When we really know in a personal way of the light within us it will help you when you are down.

I mean, shining bright as we travel our path, fear of death anxiety is impossible. So often when you are down you may refuse this knowledge.

Likewise, this is the denial that’s keeping you from moving forward in life, and never get the life you want.

How when you are down limits you: 

The dream of life, space, and time ruled by darkened thought in this world has been so misleadingly cruel.

As well, we’re all deep into it as a whole.

This is the ego-based thought that’s only holding you back in life from achieving your dreams.

Thus the fear of death restricts our eyes from opening long enough from our dream state to allow the light to permeate.

The Course in Miracles expresses this ever so poignantly:

  • ” A little flicker of your eyelids, closed for so long, has not been sufficient to give you confidence in yourself, so long despised.”

What you can do to side more with your awakened Self, is to enjoy more great times with those family and friends you cherish.

Don’t be shy on trying out newer ideas and things that are life challenging.

Don’t fear a judgmental and critical world.

Most importantly, always be involved and active while engaging with others. Get a grip on it if someone irks you!

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To healing and moving forward in life,

James Nussbaumer

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