Accomplish Your Goals by Choosing Not to Fear the Future

If you are like many you may set out to accomplish your goals while having fear of the future, like forecasting failing or loss. This is the case for those who are not used to the wonderful power of a reflective state of mind that is necessary for some sort of objective whatever that might […]

Self-Reflection for Change and Success in Life

Self-reflection is vitally important for individuals who have high demands on themselves. Many goals of high achievers like, exercising regularly, or enhanced relationships, or financial success, or anything else, are realized in their lives because they learn the concept of self-reflection. Why is self-reflection so important? In a psychological, rather than religious, context, self-reflection or […]

Just Be Yourself to Heal Fear, Guilt and Doubt

By learning to more often just be yourself, you never have to ask ‘What am I afraid of. You won’t sulk any longer over, “No confidence in myself.”  When you will finally just be yourself much of the fear, guilt and doubt that plagues you will wither away. Each fear we have arises from the […]

How to Come Out of Fear and Script Your Success Story

How to come out of fear or freedom from fear and anxiety is a concern of many of us. You have the power to script your own life story. No one could go through life without some kind of fear of something, however it’s just what you opt to perform with your fear that scripts the […]

Dealing With Guilt and Dwelling On The Past

Dealing with guilt surely is in your true power but can lead to times where you become sleep deprived and recall disagreements or relationship struggles, perhaps, with your spouse, children, your boss, or even friends. Occasionally all of us experience that all-too-familiar wave of panic, and other times a worried headache or a quickly pounding […]

The Power Within Realized-Subconscious Mind and Dreams

The power within and not realizing it or understanding it, is why much of humanity’s problems have actually originated from individuals applying power over each other in a negligent fashion. When the power within is consistently worked out in an upsetting style, it strikes worry in the subconscious mind and dreams, as well as lack […]

Who We Think We Are and the Voice Within

Who we think we are is an interpretation, and what actually is an interpretation, anyway? Idries Shah, the foremost contemporary exponent of Sufism, was once asked to name a “fundamental misinterpretation” that most individuals make, and his response sparked my thinking about my own interpretation of reality.  He answered that, “Our errors rest in the […]

Finding Happiness Answers-What On Earth Am I Here For?

Finding happiness is a search we’d all like to conclude. Likewise, what on earth am I here for, is a question that rumbles on inside many of us. Finding happiness is discovered, or should I say, uncovered, state of being perhaps where you’re trying to know yourself. We all want to achieve it. But we seem […]

Nothing To Fear When Your Imagination Speaks For Why You Are Here

When your imagination has nothing to fear, you never wonder why you are here. It’s when you are powerful! On the other hand, when you really feel anxiety you operate by it, too.  At such times you instantly imagine regrettable or dissatisfied situations keeping you from your heart’s desire, and if you maintain your imagination […]

Lost in Life is the Feeling to Find Yourself

Feeling lost in life is not always a bad thing and may just be a necessary feeling to help you find yourself.  This longing for change and a better life can mean that you are beginning to see the light through the fog. This can mean you are beginning to sense your real Home. And […]