Life has no Meaning so Often makes us Feel Lack of Significance in Life

Ever feel that in this world life has no meaning? Well, there was a period in my life when I sure did.

I always got stumped over the notion of the so-called slice of life meaning.

Yes, I certainly did spend extra time finding significance and meaning in life than anything else. 

I invested even more time locating the actual significance of success. It bothered me more than anything else taking place in my mind. 

For every single imagination I dreamed up, I produced effective and delighted results.

Is there something we are missing when it comes to the meaning of universal consciousness?

This is when I got over the idea that life has no meaning.

In the beginning, I made a great deal of blunders, we may say, for lack of a better word. 

Likewise, also shed a great deal of patience and my perspective suffered.

Then I figured it out, and is when theses thoughts of lack left me forever.

Here’s how to uncover it for your success in life in this video below: 

Below’s how we might a lot more clearly understand this spiritual metaphysical principle from A Course in Miracles which specifies:

  • “The miracle does not awaken you, however merely reveals to you who the dreamer is.”

Right there’s where we dive in to let go all those lacking thoughts, and begin to heal.

In this related session of, For A Better Life Podcast we discuss finding meaning in life as the passion in your heart brought to reality:

Yes, discover the miracle fact about the power of your real free choice and grasping the slice of life meaning.

It’s crucial to stay in tune with your life’s objective, and also why it requires no protection to make itself real.

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