Success in the Love Relationship: Pointers for Keeping the Love Alive

Success in the love relationship means keeping the love alive and filled with passion and oneness.

I mean, wouldn’t you agree about infatuation staying alive?

Staying crazy is harder than falling in love, yet healing can occur.

(Har, har) What I mean is maybe you’re seeing signs he or she’s seeing another person. It can get better.

The trick to success in love remains in understanding what is taking place in your marriage.

Sure, and the function that love plays.

I like this spiritual metaphysical principle from the Course in Miracles states about the holy relationship:

  • “How much do you want salvation? It will give you the real world, trembling with readiness to be given you.”

Would not the feeling of being saved from what you are not about mean being all you may be with your loving partner?

It’s very easy for us to link losing the feelings of loving real caring when it is not really the situation.

Wondering if he REALLY loves you? If he’s looking at or thinking about other women?

But there is a way that you can get your man (or woman) basically ADDICTED to you. Yes, remember the song called Addicted to Love?

Pick love action, and do not be tricked by chemistry.

By acting on real love, by having sex as spiritual and united, we keep the psychological fire fed.

And that is the fantastic irony: if we depend upon the feeling of being in love to maintain us together, it will certainly fail.

Actually, success in the love relationship I think we have actually made a false idol of love at the expenditure of true love.

We have actually puzzled infatuation success in the love relationship and also erotic love with deep, abiding love that causes successful marital relationships.

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