God I Need a Miracle Now: Miraculous Prayer for Improving my Life Works Wonders

God I need a miracle is a term we all have used, but do we realize the inner power involved if a real plea?

Assume the miracle when you claim, “I need to transform my life, for example.

The Course in Miracles shows us that:

  • “The power of joined rightful thoughts is the miracle.”

The power of our thoughts is a wonder of the miracle waiting on the power of choice to take place.

Sure, I’ve found that this power of the miracle is within us.

Likewise, you never need to worry over, I need a miracle from God right now.

The grandeur of the miracle, and not magic, is always at your disposal.

It starts with our choice God I need a miracle. We have the power of marvels.

The Free Miracle Manifestation e-book explains why you can’t consider yourself a failure.

Yes, even if you didn’t provide yourself time to reach objectives, you should consider yourself fortunate.

Of course, to know when something isn’t worth what you first believed. 

Wonders of the world as well as for a much better life, calls for taking action.

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It takes just an immediate, possibly a short min, or a few more, to begin creating what you want.

God I need a miracle

I like this video for bringing your goals to reality!

Yes, certainly, and afterwards showing it into your exterior living environment. It’s exactly how you may conveniently live your life.

That’s all the thought, ‘ God I need a miracle ‘ requires.

I mean, to use the liberty for means to change your life, or to transform your life around totally.

A Course in Miracles additional states:

  • “It is your voice to which you pay attention as He speaks with you.”.

The bottom line is: If you intend to have a much better life, then you will.

It will be in a far better world, be that better world through the wonder by using the miraculous prayer for improving my life:

I like to use these words in meditation or prayer when I feel bogged down by the world:

  • Salvation comes from my one divine Self.

That’s it. I’ll absorb those words and let the power of attraction (creativity) within me take charge.

Far too often we feel we must pray and pray for hours on end. But, no, miraculous prayer for improving your life is in your inner power of thoughts.

A thought from within you to change your life around does not involve time!

It might just be how we rise above adversity.

You know, and happily begin to move forward in life, especially when we’re feeling in a rut?

See what I mean?

Final thought on bringing the miracle to you:

Remember that when we ask, ‘God I need a miracle,’ you are in the driver’s seat.

I am saying, see this request in a psychological way rather than magical where your reflective state of mind takes charge.

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