Resolving Conflict from the Inner Vision of your Right Mind

Resolving conflict effectively means releasing it to your divinely skilled inner Healer and Communicator. Conflict is a common aspect in most love relationships, and as humans dealing with conflict often involves unnecessary stress. Usually dealing with conflict becomes a battle or a leaving the scene scenario, and both are not conducive for relationship healing.   […]

Forgiving Others within your Real Conscious Awareness

I hope your real inner vision is seeing that truly forgiving others is what we’re after here, and is the real meaning behind the method of communication we choose to use.  It’s the meaning in this article–specifically how it pertains to you—that is the Guiding Force to help you see the real you. A Course […]

Universal Intelligence Accessible Through Inner Vision and Meditation

Ongoing research and science as well getting involved is giving us information showing that the subconscious mind, or, we may now say, universal intelligence, has power to extend itself—turning you into a superhuman that can literally create and change anything.   Meditation that begins consciously and continues, will roam the subconscious beginning the momentum for […]