How to Achieve Financial Freedom by Practicing the Power of Reflection

Of the many personal transformation books about how to achieve financial freedom or becoming financially independent that I have read, I have discovered a typical thread on the basics of money attraction.

When you go online and search on the exact same subject, the same ideas will be discovered.

Exactly what is the essential structure for answering your true calling and how to achieve financial freedom and to attract wealth?

It is your thoughts and perceptions and a reflective state of mind that will set the stage for manifesting money.

In order to be able to attract wealth, you must find out how to use the power of attraction for manifesting money.

Don’t get me wrong, there is no magic involved, but, yes, certainly, miracle manifestation.

The Habits of Successful People

How to achieve financial freedom means training your mind into knowing that you already have exactly what you’ve wanted, and then your life will astonishingly change to show your new awareness.

The following manifesting money mindset actions might sound like mumbo jumbo or even hocus pocus to you, but they are common among the habits of successful people everywhere.

The habits of highly effective people and how successful people grow is that they continuously duplicate these actions to train their mind for how to achieve financial freedom.

(Here’s a review of how to attract wealth and financial success through spiritual-metaphysics of prosperity and abundance.)  

Let’s look at these action taking steps to becoming financially independent within yourself, first, so, then, you may use the power of reflection to deliver it to your external life:

  • Action # 1Act and behave like you are already financially stable.

You need to act and believe what you have actually always desired is already yours. In this circumstance, it is financial stability.

Act as if you currently have the cash you wish to have. Ask yourself, if I am already financially well-off, what would I do? How would I act? How would I feel? And, then act, feel and do it.

By beginning to act like a success and think like a success, you are teaching your mind that you are expanding your constraints, and as you practice this you will begin to purchase more of the important things you want in your life.

Yes, you will begin manifesting money to pay for them.

Seek out the way to success, and then take action.

This is the law of money attraction, or as author Marianne Williamson terms, “The Law of Divine Compensation.”

  • Action # 2Be grateful and show gratitude for any money you receive.

For how to achieve financial freedom you should show thankfulness for the inner-wealth which is currently in your life.

Instead of grumbling about not knowing how to attract wealth and money, be grateful that you currently have a passion and purpose, and offer thanks to God or whatever greater power you believe in.

The next time when you get money, instead of barely discovering it, take a few minutes to provide thanks to the Universe, or, as the Course in Miracles terms the “Holy Spirit,” for bridging the gap from your sleeping mind to awakened truth of the abundance within you.

Each time you get your paycheck or each time you’ve earned money, do appreciate the truth and stop and see that money is flowing into your life.

By being grateful for manifesting money even through your employment, more wealth attraction will seem to be yours. Tap into your strength and guidance with what you already have.

(By the way, when you’re done here, please hop over to this related post that may help when practicing prayer for strength and guidance, you need to be aware of the part of you that is listening to the Voice for God is calm, always at rest, and wholly certain.) 

  • Action # 3Find a penny on the pathway, keep it.

In order to see financial stability, your subconscious mind must be open to the concept of money flowing to you.

You should be open and responsive to any cash coming to you from any ethical source. And your usual reaction is most likely to overlook it if you see a dime on the street.

By doing that, you are teaching your subconscious mind that you are not going to put out effort on reflecting your inner abundance into your outer world.

The Course in Miracles states, “Every law of time and space, of magnitude and mass is transcended, for what the Holy Spirit enables you to do is clearly beyond all of them.”

  • Action # 4 – Your subconscious mind cannot compare a cent and a million bucks.

All that your mind realizes is how you feel, which are thoughts stowed away somewhere in your subconscious mind that you do not wish to begin manifesting money.

This mindset can likewise be available in lots of other kinds, such as whenever you do decline a present or do not charge somebody for work done, or charge them less than you ought to be, or you offer an item for less than it is worth, you are creating the exact same feelings.

So, for how to achieve financial freedom, you need to accept the wealth that is rightfully yours including that dime on the street.

If you really feel the urge, then give that dime to someone after you’ve found it. Here you are practicing the law of giving and receiving as two different aspects of the same thought.

And understanding this divine law is how you manifest miracles , not magic, into your life!

  • Action # 5Be open to manifesting money opportunities

Ask yourself an honest question:  Why it is people who are financially well-off always have cash making chances and that you do not?

The response is that you are just not searching for becoming financially independent opportunities deep enough within you, first, and then manifesting money into your material world.

Or when opportunities are presented you, you are too critical and judgmental and let skepticism rule over you.

To conclude this article, remember, creating the life you want is not complicated.

You must do so within yourself, first, sketching it in your mind, and then reflect that real abundance and wealth that is already within you, to your external material world.

It’s how to achieve financial freedom into your life, is what highly influential people everywhere will tell you.

One final thought from the Course in Miracles can help us here, teaching, “Complexity is not of God. How could it be, when all He knows is one?”

Your inner vision must be that of already possessing it, and do not allow the world you see around you to dictate your creative power.

(If you feel the urge for more info on this topic, I suggest this related article about why the laws of money and wealth become yours to manifest by reflective learning.) 

To living the life you want,

James Nussbaumer

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