A Prayer for Strength and Guidance and Finding Inner Strength

Before you can practice prayer for strength and guidance, you need to be aware of the part of you that is listening to the Voice for God is calm, always at rest, and wholly certain. 

The Voice for God, which is the Holy Spirit in you, is really the only part of your mind there truly is, and this is when you feel words of inspiration and strength. 

It’s where you begin finding inner strength. Any other part is a wild illusion that is not real.  Try to always remember this as you listen to it.  Always try to identify with the part of your mind that is calm, cool, and collected. 

It’s that part of you which is your inner most power!

This is where the Holy Spirit is relaying God’s Will to you which IS your true free will, by having you feel words of inspiration and strength. 

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Always here, and no other part of your mind.

On a regular basis throughout your day, whether for a lengthy period or a brief break in your activities, try to do prayer for strength and guidance and actually hear God’s collected coolness in your mind. 

A Course in Miracles teaches us that…This is His Voice through the Holy Spirit who is reminding you of Him, and of yourself as one Thought. 

Believe it or not, these calm, collected, and cooling thoughts of feelings finding inner strength are your holiness at work. 

Holiness does not require special candles or incense, or oils, waters, beads, or clothing. 

It only requires confidence, and knowing that you are joining your will with the Will of God.  In other words, your acceptance of His Will as yours.  The Holy Spirit, through cause and effect, helps you to make this happen.  These are the holiest and happiest thoughts you can have.

During prayer for strength and guidance if any frantic or erratic thoughts start to surface, that’s okay.  Simply acknowledge their presence as illusion, say hello, then gently but firmly say good-bye, shut the door on them, and proceed back to your in/out breathing as a mindfulness technique.

A Course in Miracles asks us to…Listen in deep silence for words of inspiration and strength. 

Feel your heart pump blood through your veins, and open up your mind. 

In book 2 of the series you’ll learn by example how to…Go past all the illusory imaginings that cover your real thoughts, and past the sights and sounds of this insane world controlled by ego and begin finding inner strength. 

While in prayer for strength and guidance it is okay to notice background distractions, such as a loud car engine or an irate person nearby. 

Tell yourself that you do not live there.  You are trying to reach your real Home.  You are trying to reach the place where you are truly welcome. It’s about reaching your true potential.

You are reaching God, and He welcomes you.

In prayer for strength and guidance repeat these words periodically in your day, with your eyes open or closed: “God’s Voice speaks to me all through the day.”

If you’re at home and sitting in a comfortable chair, you may want to close your eyes and take some time with this. 

Or if you are standing in line, say at the bank or post office, as you contend with the world around you, realize you are consciously inviting God’s Voice to come through your mind and into you.

Do this as often as necessary, making it a habit, getting good at it, and bringing yourself Home.  Now you are seeing that “There is another way of looking at the world.”

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To finding inner strength,

James Nussbaumer

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