Accept yourself Love yourself Strategy to Heal Inner Conflict

To accept yourself love yourself certainly heals inner conflict. Don’t you truly light up when you see individuals elated, thrilled and all fired up. It often makes my day when I see people with self acceptance on top of the world, even when they are up against overcoming challenges and are eagerly willing and ready to operate from within and move forward.  

Going within is where you will accept Atonement, or we may say “Awakening”. What is atonement? It is the undoing of what never was. Yes, it’s bringing the Light of truth to illusion and where inner conflict made by falsehood fades away.

It’s awakening to the Light of Who you are. It is knowing the answer to, “what am I?”

In the first book of my series we deeply explore…To accept yourself love yourself is the undoing of our separated thought system called ego which thinks we are separate from God. The Atonement is where you will witness it happening.  How is it that you accept Atonement?

It happens when you come to a decision to let go of inner conflict and accept yourself love yourself as God created you.

Yes, I mean bringing forth your inner genius and on to what you want in life.

To accept yourself love yourself is the chosen direction you take that is real.  But what really is a choice?  It can only reflect some uncertainty as to what you are. 

Where there is no choice, there is no doubt that can deeply root itself. 

As you practice self acceptance by asking for Guidance and hearing the Voice for God, you will have no questions about your oneness because there is no thought, other than the One Thought that sustains you. 

With this, there can be no conflict in the question: “What or who am I?”  In this alone you’ve discovered freedom.

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“What or who am I?”  How could you even be able to ask yourself this question, except for the fact that you don’t recognize yourself?  Only refusing to accept yourself as you are could make this question be bothersome to you. 

The only thing that is surely known by any living thing is that it is what it is.  You see other individuals, and certainly animals, as who they are, but you struggle with yourself.  Why the inner conflict and uncertainty?

A Course in Miracles teaches states, “Your own uncertainty about what you must be is self-deception on a scale so vast, its magnitude can hardly be conceived.”

Living your life less than your true potential is equal to believing that who you truly are—the One Thought of God about you—does not exist. 

Often we have an insight knowing we’re capable of a higher potential or self acceptance of who we are or what our true purpose might be, but we are quick to doubt or put it off as fantasy.

We may think or say things like, “I’m not meant to be an author of a popular book” or “I must be crazy to think that I could ever become a doctor.” 

This type of thinking makes the ego feel satisfied and secure.  However, self acceptance and real joy will not come about.  Isn’t life about being yourself? 

A Course in Miracles gives us this exercise for prayer or meditation, and I like to repeat these words in meditation first thing in the morning before getting out of bed:

  • Holiness created me holy. Kindness created me kind. Helpfulness created me helpful. Perfection created me perfect. This how I accept myself.

In book 2 I take you…Deep inside, we all know the truth of who we are.  So what are we doing when we ask ourselves “Who am I”?  We are suggesting that we are not ourself, and therefore have chosen to be something else. 

It is this “something else” that becomes the questioner of what that “something” is. 

But how could we be alive without knowing the answer?  Still, we may think we do not know. 

The separated ego cannot accept yourself love yourself because it is too busy  judging against your true being and denies its worth, so we decide that we do not know the only certainty by which we have been living.

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To self acceptance,

James Nussbaumer

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