Overcoming Self Doubt and Coping with Uncertainty so you May Effectively Plan your Life

Overcoming self doubt means breaking through ego-based anxiety. 

It’s that same thinking that has been going on since Eve listened to the lies of the snake at the Garden of Eden—which is nothing more than a symbolism for the dream of separation from the One-Mind, or, God. Or, scientifically thought of as, the Big Bang.

As we continue in the “Big Bang” of a dream of separation while coping with uncertainty in life, the ego-based mind—that self doubt anxiety filled separated aspect in us, will deny to the bitter end what is truly meant to be. 

In book 1 of the ever-developing series we dive into…Because of this denial we need Atonement, which is to undo falsity thinking.  It reverses error in thought.

This denial of our own ego-based separated mind makes no change in what we are, but we have like in a dream, like Dorothy who never left Kansas in reality, split our mind into what knows and what does not know the truth. 

You are yourself; there is no doubt of this. 

Yet living with uncertainty and overcoming self doubt, you still ask, “Who am I?”  You do not ask what part of your split-mind can really doubt yourself. 

In reality, there can be no part of the real you, the you that is filled with abundance and wealth, that asks this question.

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The real you is not living with uncertainty, and knows.               

 And to know means there is no question and coping with uncertainty does not exist.  The question simply does not arise.

Atonement is your acceptance that anything of the separation is not real and is only illusion. 

It’s what makes us realize we never truly left Kansas after all.

Yes, we’re still at Home dreaming of scary and frightening fantasy.

What is unreal is not of God.  It is nothing. 

Your acceptance of this remedies the strange idea that it is possible to doubt yourself and be unsure of what you really are. To atone means you are willing to begin overcoming self doubt.

This is madness  

Yet, it is the universal question of the world.  What does this mean, other than that the world is mad? 

Basically, much of the world’s population do not know how to go within and create the life they want, and I urge to plan your life from within without fear and doubt.

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Why would we share this madness and continue coping with uncertainty.  

What is universal, is true and does not  have self doubt anxiety to where it needs to begin coping with uncertainty and is always overcoming self doubt.

In book 2 we explore why…Nothing the world believes is true. 

It is a place whose purpose is to be the home where those who claim they do not know themselves can come to question what it is they are. 

This will continue with all who arrive into this world until the time full Atonement is accepted. 

This will be when all can learn it is impossible to doubt, and not to be aware of what we are.

Your acceptance of this reality is only asked for from the part of you that is certain.  Our oneness is set forever in the Mind of God, and in your own. 

We all have a mission here.  We cannot continue, for generations to come, to reinforce the madness humanity believes in. 

Let’s not forget the goal we are accepting.  It is more than just our own happiness we come to gain.

But when we catch ourselves feeling we must start coping with uncertainty, we can see that this uncertainty is nothing but illusion fabricated by the ego-based mind filled with self doubt anxiety.

Is this a cop out?  

Yes, but only to the ego in you.

What we accept as what we are proclaims what everyone must be along with us, which is whole and complete and still at Home. 

Don’t fail your brothers, or you fail yourself. 

Look lovingly on them, that they may know that they are part of you, and you of them.  Don’t be too quick to assume that they don’t know.

This is what we learn from Atonement, and it demonstrates that the oneness of God’s whole Son is unassailed by any question that we do not know what we are. 

Therefore, overcoming self doubt, right now at this very moment, you can accept Atonement, not to change reality, but merely to accept the truth about yourself and go your way rejoicing in the endless Love of God. 

It is this that we are asked to do.

A Course in Miracles lessons help us begin understanding…Accepting Atonement within yourself takes only an instant. 

Simply tell your Guide that you want to Atone—to be At-One—and it will be done and all illusion begins a fading away process from your psyche.

This where you begin living by your true potential.

To keep this reinforced in you, periodically throughout your day, every day, say or think these words in meditation or prayer:

  • I have accepted Atonement for myself, and I remain as God created me.

A Course in Miracles further teaches…We have not lost the knowledge that God gave to us when He created us like Him; He extended His Thought as the Idea He created. 

We can remember it for those who have not yet been able to accept Atonement for themselves, because creation in all our minds is as one. 

Allow your mind to be cleared of all the illusory cobwebs while you dream of separation, and while part of you—the real You knows, and then learn to keep the knowledge of yourself as a part of your awareness, without needing a choice.

Here’s where you will naturally begin overcoming self doubt.

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To overcoming self doubt,

James Nussbaumer

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