Adversities in Life Overcome through Self-Healing and Creating a Great Life

Let’s consider life as a vehicle driving along. With adversities in life, at least the second part can be applied. Come what may, our object should be to live and begin creating a great life as an example for others.

Haven’t we all heard about the adversities in life of Helen Keller?

Yes, many people in this world face adversities in life, whether it is financial crises, perhaps a marital or relationship struggle, depression, anxiety, maybe weight-loss, and it could very well be long overdue career change, or any number of things that we as humans face.

A Course in Miracles states, “Nothing is ever lost but time, which in the end is meaningless.”

The pain that I saw was enough to shake the bravest heart. I remember a small girl, who developed second degree burns as a reaction to her Chemotherapy. Her mother had a guest book and the notes on that site could make anyone weep.

The struggle with pain and agony this youngster was dealing with was horrendous.

The photos taken of her being comforted in the arms of her father were touching to say the least.

Somewhere the universe was alive in bringing the spirit that was needed to the family to fight it out cheerfully.

Is there any person on this earth who has not had to overcome adversities in life?

Facing adversity

Life can be good, but adversities in life are also part of this world. One has to live through adversities and come back in life to succeed again.

A sudden accident can make one lose limbs. A man who makes his living with his hands, will surely feel very bad and devastated if he loses his working hand.

How about the effect of the announcement by the doctor that your child has cancer? Can parents take this news calmly? When they hear it, they will most probably faint.

Some adversities are such that they shatter lives forever. Strong will and faith can help one face and conquer many adversities.

A Course in Miracles further states, “Beyond this world there is a world I want.”

Reaching full potential

I also remember my conversations with a blind man of 65 years of age.

He was secretary of one of the blind help groups.

For some time during my talk, I realized that something strange was happening.

Suddenly it struck me that this gentleman was using words such as Oh, I see, etc., without giving a pause. I knew that he had been a blind man for more than 40 years.

He could write and read and even type as well as any normal person. And he could see the faces with his touch.

He had taken it as a fact of life and there was no feeling of having been dealt bad cards by the fate. Such people make us feel that adversities in life come to strengthen us and are a path to reaching full potential.

It is surely very tough to overcome all kinds of adversities in life, but a strong will and faith in oneself and one’s God can give enough strength to overcome them.

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To creating a great life,

James Nussbaumer

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