Attract Success Now with Fun by Uncovering your Magnetic Personality

There may be a big reason why your life may have gone off track and you just seem unable to attract success. Ever wonder why some people seem to naturally have financial freedom, the ideal looks and weight, or the wonderful marriage, and a life of pure success?

These people seem to attract success in many areas of life while many others struggle their entire lives?

It turns out it all comes down to a simple secret called personal charisma and how to use the law of attraction.

I just finished reading a few touching books about discovering your magnetic personality, creating wealth, and other topics for a life of purpose and passion and finding happiness in life.  

See, I always believed that some people seem to have all the luck when it comes to how to attract success, but there’s a common theme that is of the habits of highly effective individuals, which to some may seem unfair as this may appear.

The thread that that runs through them and how successful people grow is that it’s got nothing to do with luck at all.

It’s not even ‘good genetics’, and it’s not that they were born with more knowledge than you, or that they are more deserving’ than you in ANY way.

They quite literally have learned to uncover their true essence, the Spirit about them, which reveals a magnetic personality.

Have you uncovered your Personal Charisma?

Their personal charisma has become a MAGNET for financial freedom, great over-all health and well-being, happiness and success because they understand how to use the law of attraction.

And the GREAT news is that, you too, can switch on this magnetic personality inside you, and finally experience what it’s like to have more money and more free time.

Yes, even have the good looks and the proper weight, great relationships and marriages, an amazing love life, and more happiness than you ever dreamed of before!

To attract success is a lot easier than you might think!

The moment you decide to learn how to use the law of attraction, in that instant of choice to do so, you’ll effortlessly be on your way to reaching full potential.

Whether it is creating wealth and gaining financial freedom, or losing weight, or succeeding at fixing a broken marriage, or simply just getting the life you want, your journey will have begun.

Yes, I mean you will be able to have loads of fun and more fun, while you reach out and take with two hands the destiny the power of the universe has wanted for you all along.

How to use the Law of Attraction

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You can use attraction principles at work to become the ‘go to person,’ who everyone listens to, and advance your career in the process and guarantee you’ll be first in line for promotions and raises.

Use it at home to rekindle the love and respect in your relationship with your spouse.

You can use it to boost your inner confidence and gain more and better friendships in virtually any social setting because it is that universal and powerful.

I strongly recommend you begin going within you to your inner core as the Course in Miracles constantly teaches throughout its many principles and lessons for being more whole-minded.

When you exercise your power of choice to take action on your objectives and goals you discover the “missing link” to attract success and your magnetic personality takes control.

Being True to your Life of Purpose

I also need to warn you that when we as humans operate from the ego-based mind—which is fear, self-doubt, judgement of others, and the like, this personal charisma can be used for manipulation.

So, that said, I’m only sharing this with you on the provision that you’re only intending to use this to make your life … and other people’s lives better.

This kind of thought process is operating from your true essence that I’d mentioned above, it is Spirit, and has a foundation of love and true free will, which makes the world a better place.

The Course in Miracles asks in one of its many spiritual metaphysical principles, “How much do you want salvation? It will give you the real world, trembling with readiness to be given you.”

When you learn to attract success by unlocking your magnetic personality you won’t believe the endless possibilities that await you.

The Course in Miracles further states, “The eagerness of the Holy Spirit to give you this is so intense He would not wait, although He waits in patience.”

I invite you to step into the real world where it is easy to attract success, happiness, and self-confidence for any destination in which you have set your sails for achieving.

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To a life of success,  

James Nussbaumer

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