Penny Stocks to Watch as Self-Growth for your Goals

My message for penny stocks to watch is profound but simple, which is, invest in “you” for self-growth reasons. One of the difficulties in penny stocks listings is considering penny stocks companies and which best penny stocks picks you want to side with.  

There are many penny stocks companies that are experts in penny stocks listings and can develop recommendations as to penny stocks to watch to have fun with.

It took me a while to decided and I did some inner soul searching to choose whether it was best for me to begin considering buying penny stocks online. 

After all, many of you may know that I spent almost 26 years in the investment industry as an adviser, but was a business I loathed, and I’d end that career with a hard fall.

But that’s in the past now with experience gained and a hard lesson learned in many ways.

And I tell that entire story in my first book of the ever-developing series for a better life, called The Master of Everything: A Story of Mankind and the World of Illusion We Call Life. 

That said, with my heartbreaking experience, and my desire to extend myself by having helping others with fun, I decided that, hey, I’m going to consider penny stocks to watch as a hobby. 

Fun with Best Penny Stocks picks

My inner Self, or true essence, if you will, tells me I need an outlet from my author and keynote speaking agenda, and fooling around with penny stocks to watch, as I see it, is self-growth and personal transformation. 

Anytime we are broadening our horizon we are extending who we truly are.

Improving yourself proactively, working on your inner self and awareness, improving your craftsmanship and knowledge about reaching your full potential, all of that is an investment into YOU. 

My excitement over this forced me to cut this video below and it’s posted to YouTube.



Follow this strategy and you’ll learn the safe wonderful clean honest fun I am having, too, with penny stocks to watch, where I’ll never invest too much that a loss would even slightly upset me.

Consider a friend of mine, a guy who I’ve known since high school funding his golf travels all over the world with buying penny stocks on line, and his penny stocks trading venture is simply his hobby, like it is for me. 

I like the fact that these super-low-cost penny stocks picks size up pretty good with my goals for some spare income. 

Let’s say, for like perhaps a new big screen TV, or new set of golf clubs, a golf vacation to St. Andrews, Scotland, perhaps.

His Penny Stocks Listings a Hobby for Personal Transformation

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After his painful divorce my friend got inspired, went into a cycle of personal transformation and self-growth for redesigning his life, and went on to now being a full time world traveler to great golf resorts. 

In one of his penny stocks to watch he actually earned enough to pay off his mortgage and bought a new Harley Davidson motorcycle. 

Invest into your own self-growth and become, “The Master of Everything,” so to speak,  for yourself and your mind.

Build a strong right-minded inner dialogue, discover a life of purpose and learn to tap into your passion.

Learn and build a strong set of objectives and goals with powerful vision to take action on them.

This is something I strongly believe in. You have to learn these personal self-growth  techniques that take you forward.

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To your full potential, 

James Nussbaumer

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