A Happy Life-Mindset for the Art of Successful Living

What is it you think it takes to lead a happy life? Is there a philosophical approach to life; an academic pursuit or an intellectual achievement? It is nothing of the sort.  A happy life is nothing more than living a regular life free from undue pressures, issues and stress. The art of a happy […]

The Power of Visualization for Living the Life You Truly Want

The power of visualization certainly may bring you much closer to what you want to accomplish in this world. Regardless of how hard we work toward our goals, there is an exciting and right-minded practice for focusing our minds while relaxing at home, and without breaking a sweat. It’s the idea of the power of […]

Beat Your Fears by Letting Go of Fear Holding You Back

Are you able to beat your fears? Or do you continue to feel you’re not rich enough, or perhaps good looking enough, strong enough, smart enough, and on, and on? Many do, for all of their lives, until the bitter end. But what you must understand when you want to beat your fears, is that the […]

Why Things Happen the Way They Do Answered by Just Let Things Happen

When we ask, why things happen the way they do, we’re usually coping with turmoil or hard times. We sometimes shift forward in our thought and reassure ourselves that everything happens for a reason, and that ultimately good things happen to good people. For many, when asking why things happen the way they do, becomes […]

Meant To Happen-So Focus on What You Can Control

Life hardly ever seems to unfold how we think it will, and things usually never materialize in a timeframe we’d like. But what is meant to happen will present itself in due time. We don’t really have the whole panoramic view in the presence of mind when we are hoping for a wishful outcome. This […]