To Make Your Life Better surely means Living According to Your True Will

To make your life better is taking the time to comprehend your goals and dreams.

Yes, that would be your true free will given to you in the Creation.

The Creation and your true free will is not about conflict!

But also consider the point of view of the individual you feel you have conflict with.

Why do they feel that way about the point in question?

Feel it with them.

We have actually got to do better. If we don’t who’s going to?

And so to overcome the underlying difficulty is this:

Do better. Be much better, and live a happy life.

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Look to be honest and open with those you are presented an opportunity to get better acquainted.

I mean really connect. Talk with them in a sincere yet non-threatening manner.

To make your life better cannot happen if you are not connecting with others in truth.

Feel with them and relate to how they are thinking.

Perhaps lend a word or two of true caring.

Appreciate exactly what they’ve gone through to reach the point where they are.

The Course in Miracles states:

• Happy dreams come true, not because they are dreams, but because they are happy.

Follow this strategy and you’ll see why it’s important to discover what you may be able to do for you.

And that can only be what you can do for others who need you!

That would be doing much better in your life. It would be increasing your self-worth.

It’s really rather basic and set in truth.

Final Thought for Living a Happy Life:

Remember, to make your life better means to look within you and be honest and open-minded of your true free will in this world.

That means living aligned to your passion and purpose and seeing the opportunity you’re expecting come to reality.

Life is about connection. Do you want increased self-worth? If so, focus on connection and better relationships.

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