Story about How to Find Peace within Yourself if Feeling at a Dead End

A story about how to find peace within yourself and answering to how can you live with yourself. 

How to even begin finding peace within, what to do when you hate your life.

Finding peace and harmony, confused mind, and getting answers for Why is this happening to me.

A Course in Miracles teaches that:

  • “Perception always involves some misuse of mind, because it brings the mind into areas of uncertainty.”

By the way read more here at my blog: this is why I urge that you learn mindfulness meditation, and more on that here… 

Why is this Happening to me?

A true story about how to find peace within yourself, because I’m certain we all have similar events:

See more on books and articles on this very issue; yes, story about how to find peace within yourself.

We just need to learn, I believe, that a Guidance system within us all leads to others admiring you more; and your best life ever.

So don’t fret and worry too much when you feel like you hate your life. No, do not, but do, go within you to settle with your inner peace.


Lots of people are in fear of life and afraid to get too close to people. This keeps them from taking action on their dreams and objectives.

Being afraid of life frequently limits you from creating the life you want.

Undoubtedly as people we will sometimes have our worries, stress and anxiety.

But if we can see beyond worry by ignoring it we are undoing exactly what is attempting to keep us stuck.

Here’s how to begin finding inner peace and happiness with balance and harmony in life: 

All my best,

James Nussbaumer

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