Bringing Abundance to You indicates being Open Minded to Mind Power

Ever thought about the idea of bringing abundance to you and moving on to the life you really want?

My previous articles and my book series mentioned this, but I thought I’d extend my excitement again.

But, first, ever seen a “so-called miracle worker”?

Ya ’know.

Those ones who run around saying they have learned the secrets of the miracle. 

Or it might be one who claims miracle manifestation, and doing some dumb stuff for fun on TV?

Absolutely, the miracle is on your Side for Bringing Abundance to You?

I used to think miracles really had no real applications in the real world outside of making people act crazy.

And then I came across some truly inspiring people using this incredible, legendary Mind-Power Secret so remarkably well.

I mean so well, that many ancient mystics have sought to destroy them.

Yes, I mean, to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands…

Yes, it’s miracle mindedness for good, in you, and bringing abundance to you.

I’m talking about therapists who use reflection of the inner Self to help shell-shocked individuals.

Too, and people living with PTSD to overcome the mental roadblocks keeping them from living normal lives.

I’m talking about professionals using these principles to help cancer patients. Certainly, achieve states of serene calm, and focus… away from the pain…

It’s about where they can let their body’s do what they order to do.

Of course, too, like, boost their immune systems. As a result fight the disease at full power.

It’s after reading about these incredible feats I asked myself:

How can these reflection principles truly be used, to help one manifest the life they want?”

Of course, as it would turn out my question was already answered.

Now the true miracle is not about waving a magic wand or magic potions.

Bringing abundance to you is more subtle than that.

So let me add that I really love this lesson I’d received from the Course in Miracles:

  • We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts, with our thoughts we make the world. Speak or act with a pure mind and happiness will follow you as your shadow, unshakeable.

As simple as listening to the right sounds to get your brainwaves swinging at the right tempo.

So my team and I have practiced this as well, and continue to do so.

I did some research, too, and found it works. But I do mean you have to be thinking right-mindedly, which means trusting your true free will.

We want to realize that the healing power of the mind in this related article below. I mean gets us to where we want to be while finding happiness in this world. 

Human Mind Power: Yes, Power of Thoughts for Love and Happiness in Life Always

That said, with this right-minded thought process, you can get yourself into a manifestation state.

It is where your mind gets on the fast track to increased fulfillment in life:

Confidence, wealth brain power, but very importantly too, is overall health and well-being.

You can use this power within you like we are right now to start getting the incredible benefits of miracle brain power into your life.

If you take this approach to your life seriously and follow its guidance, yes, you could start feeling like a new you almost overnight!

It’s something you must trust of your passion and purpose–your true free will.

Final Note on Abundance in Your Life:

Remember, your happiness in life is about bringing abundance to you.

This is where I came across some truly inspiring people using this incredible, legendary mind power practice.

But that means you gotta be serious about letting go of your anxiety, stress and frustrations.

Sure, isn’t it about your goals and objectives in your life?

I also suggest another related article here: How to overcome frustration and manage anxiety by opening your mind to the Light of your reality: 

All my best,

James Nussbaumer

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