Being Happy with Yourself by Realizing Your Full Potential

There certainly is an inner link to how you live each day in this world to being happy with yourself. There are decisions you make throughout your days when it comes to finding happiness within. 

It wasn’t till later in my life when I chose writing as my new profession, that I’d learn how to live happily by realizing my full potential. 

This may seem odd for those who have known me before, because most people would have noted me as always living life to my fullest.

At times we may say or think to ourselves, “That guy or gal seems so happy and always smiling, but I can’t seem to find the same happiness.” Or, have you ever wondered why you simply are not being happy with yourself?

Continue reading to discover how to live happily!

Being happy with yourself is something you need to “plain choose” to be.

An individual might have all the financial success in the world, and still not able to obtain what it is they really want, and still remain unhappy.

Many think that they’d be truly happy if they could just lose weight, or had the ultimate career, or the perfect love relationship, but there are lots of thin people with great jobs and who have attractive lovers, who are not finding happiness within.

Being Happy in Life

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An individual could be surrounded by all their friends and loved ones and still not able to begin living happily and stuck in a mode of lonesomeness.

And, perhaps a person might have to eat slop just to survive, say, in a cold, wet bug infested prison cell, and still more than happy to consume that cold mess and still maintain a positive outlook.

This individual gratefully accepts his environments, and has actually discovered a higher significance in it, making the experience more reasonable.

This person opted to take two very simple and easy steps be happy in life with exactly what they had, by bearing in mind the present moment, and acknowledging the prospective it may have.

Getting into the routine of having a positive outlook is simple.

  • The first step is learning to appreciate your true blessings, seeing the good or greater significance of things.
  • Next, we need to use our senses for being more conscious of our surroundings, and accept them.

A Course in Miracles states, “The new perspective you will gain by crossing over will be the understanding of where Heaven is.”

Finding Happiness Within

Scientific research study recommends that patterns of colors do play a crucial role in one’s state of mind.

Light green, yellow and orange seem to make people feel better, whereas red makes them feel lonely or hungry.

Lots of people have actually been hiring interior designers as part of their strategy for positive outlook and feeling better, as interior decorators have studied designs, colors, patterns, layouts, etc.

Being happy with yourself is about using these factors to create a comfortable living area, tailor-fit to your requirements.

Just keep in mind to find an interior designer within your budget. The positive effect that redesign brings, needn’t be boggled down by guilt from over-doing it.

The idea is to do things that make you feel like you’re taking action on your life.

It won’t make you feel better if you overspend, or overindulge. It will help you begin finding happiness just by shopping around, and finding the best offer, completely fitting all your requirements.

Once again, awareness of your greatness is essential for being happy with yourself.

A Course in Miracles further states, “Your practice must therefore rest upon your willingness to let all littleness go.”

How to Live Happily

After you have begun to be mindfully conscious of yourself and surroundings, you can choose to live happily with positive outlook and be appreciative and excited about the path ahead.

Remember, happiness is something you choose.

So if you haven’t already, begin in this instant, being conscious of how great the world is because of you, while enjoying the present moment of each day and the potential it has in store for you.

Begin letting go of what is holding you back!

One final note, isn’t it strange in finding how to live happily, the ideas we use to caution ourselves from our inner most fears, most of the time is the same thought process bringing these fears to our reality?

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To finding happiness within,

James Nussbaumer

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