Happiness and Health from Within-Best Chance of Success in Life

Surely people who enjoy life are certainly more in tune with happiness and health, more so than those who are angry and blaming and depressed.  Sure it’s easy to fall into the rat race of the hustle and bustle ways that we only think leads to success.

But many are continually losing sight of what gives you happiness and health.  

I mean that we want to be certain our happiness and health scale, if you will, is providing you full potential for your desired success in life.

Dr. Ed Diener of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign informed Reuters Health, “People who are reasonably cheerful delighted might achieve more than those who are very pleased.”

They may likewise live longer.

“Our findings recommend that very high levels of happiness might not be a desirable objective.

And that there is more to happiness and health and mental well-being than high-levels of joy,” said Diener where he and his team reported in a journal about Perspectives on Psychological Science.

This is my final of a series of 5 articles on finding happiness in life.

We went from Happiness Within, then it was Happiness even for Celebs, and onto Finding it in your Full Potential, and another article on Art of Successful Living.

Happiness Research

The researchers looked at six different studies of happiness and health and life outcomes to examine the maximum level of happiness.

A super brain comes from a super mind, not the other way around!

One study, the World Values Survey, that included almost 120,000 people from 96 countries, found that those who were reasonably delighted, ranking their life complete satisfaction at 8 or 9 out of 10, made more income and had more financial success, because of how they think, than those who ranked their complete satisfaction level at 10.

The 9’s and 10’s were more likely to have stable intimate relationships because when relationship struggles start to crop up they know how to make a shift in mind, and move forward to a happiness and health lifestyle.

Many use ideas like Yoga for weight-loss and increased vitality, stretching not only physical muscles and joints, but also of the mind, metaphysically, for optimum mental health.

Another research study found that the happiest college students were also the most social, but they had lower grade-point averages than their a little less happy peers.

In four studies that looked at people’s well-being several years after their happiness and health level was at first evaluated, the happiest people end up with less education and lower earnings than the moderately happy people.

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Articles on Happiness

However, my point here is that it was found that metaphysical approaches to healing that have been going on for centuries do indeed help heal the mind, body, and true spirit for emotional and physical well-being.

A metaphysical principle of A Course in Miracles teaches that, “The laws of the universe do not permit contradiction.”

The healing as well as joyful effects of spiritual enlightenment—the tested and real practices,  have seen tremendous results for millennium in levels of happiness and inner bliss, that can be reflected into your outer world, and are now flowing steadily to the western globe.

But happiness is within you first, and then you experience it externally!

While the current research study didn’t look at happiness and health, Diener kept in mind an interview about another research study that has actually shown that the happiest individuals, physically, may not live as long as truly spirited reasonably happy people.

Finding Happiness Within

Exceptionally happy people might be less most likely to follow-up on health concerns, he suggested.

It’s likewise possible, he stated, that remaining in an “excited,” extremely delighted state can take a toll on one’s cardiovascular system.

Individuals for whom extreme happiness is an objective might likewise be thrill-seeking risk takers.

Ask yourself, where are you looking for happiness and health?

A Course in Miracles states, “You cannot be happy unless you do what you will truly, and you cannot change this because it is immutable.”

Are you searching “out there” for “something” or “someone” to burst through the clouds and deliver happiness and health to you? Do you communicate with others from your outer-self, or do your trust and extend from your natural spirit within?

We all have that “something” within us, not outside us, each and every moment of all our days that makes us truly of happiness and health.

Happiness is of the Creation, and doesn’t need to be searched for. When you understand this miracles happen everyday in your life. It’s in you, naturally!

To finding happiness within,

 James Nussbaumer

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