Can One Person Save a Marriage with our Relationship Troubles Today?

There are a slew of phases a love relationship or marriage faces if you are considering, can one person save a marriage.

Can this marriage be saved isn’t rocket science.

You don’t have to be an expert “armchair psychologist,” and you don’t need years of experience to heal a relationship or marriage.

So, why are the divorce rates hovering around 55 – 60% if a great marriage is so easy?

Two reasons just for starters:

People focus on: can one person save a marriage?

They do so, instead of truly exploring from the heart the best question to ask: does marriage counseling work?

With marriage problems these days, all of the little things combined is what impacts whether or not you commit to fixing the broken relationship. 

If you aren’t committed you won’t heal and bring back the lost love. You have to keep moving along each and every day with healing in mind.

If you want to turn things around and start getting results for your worry over, can one person save a marriage, you gotta do something about healing.

Instead ask within you, can this marriage be saved and what shall I do to take action?

Start with these slew of phases a love relationship most likely will pass through, as I’ve recapped a few below. 

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And what’s the very first option that comes to mind? Marital relationship counselling, and will it work?

It’s an outstanding concept to have some pastimes or activities to get included with together. Yes, these can extremely easily end up being “your” ideas to hang out and have fun with each other.

Make it enjoyable. A marital relationship must be in place due to the amount of enjoyable times you have actually had with each other eventually.

Hopefully you will discover something of use in this post.

Just do not get rid of the enjoyable and change it with the mundanity of daily life. I’m saying, how can you perhaps expect the marriage to make it through?

There are a few stages that every successful marital relationship goes through.

These are: Romance or Honeymoon stage; Reality phase; Accommodation phase; and the Transformation or Success Stage.

Before trying to save a diminishing relationship, let’s understand the number of stages marriage passes.

As you’ve seen, the answer to the concern of, saving a failing marriage varies commonly with different folks.

I realize couples therapy or marital counselling may sound like a lot of work, but it really can be a great experience. 

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To healing the mind for happiness and love,

James Nussbaumer

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