Can a Rebound Relationship Work and Is It Good for Self-Healing?

Can a rebound relationship work?  What’s a rebound relationship, for those of you who do not know exactly what is rebound love? Let’s begin saying that relationship healing is so important, and if the relationship struggles caused a separation, take it easy on jumping back in too soon.

The definition of a rebound relationship, or marriage on the rebound, is leaping back into or into another dedicated relationship extremely quickly after the end of a love relationship that went sour.

Before we get moving here, feel free to come back and revert to this helpful article about a strongly suggested way to solve marriage-trouble and begin relationship healing.

There is plenty of solid and good new relationship advice, and are healthy methods for self-healing, to get past the dissolution of a relationship and a rebound love definitely does not belong in that list.

Of all, dating somebody on the rebound is not a great idea, since many individuals who date on the rebound are attempting to find someone like their ex, or even try to make that person be like their ex-lover.

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Isolation can be a very motivating element to push somebody into a relationship prior to being ready.

The break-up of a relationship is agonizing and often may get us thinking can a rebound relationship work, so I may better my life?

It seems we’re always faced with problems and this includes relationships, but if we can focus on our purpose in life, it just might help, and is why I a while ago put another brief article together. 

Consider New Relationship Advice

There is not a quick repair for self-healing to get over it, but as I said there is good new relationship advice you can seek out.

It’s like the Course in Miracles teaches by asking, “”How much do you want salvation? It will give you the real world, trembling with readiness to be given you.”

This just means, be yourself and nothing you are not. Love is always within you, and if you open your mind to the love within you, others will be drawn to your light.

It cannot be forced.

The Course in Miracles goes on to teach that, “The eagerness of the Holy Spirit to give you this is so intense He would not wait, although He waits in patience.”

Again, a reason you do not wish to consider, can a rebound relationship work, or a love rebound, is that you will not have enough time for self-healing.

When discussing trying to replace your ex, you should begin by respecting yourself, and being familiar with yourself again is the only way to get over the pain.

Jumping into another severe relationship does not allow adequate time for you to do either of these things.

(Here’s more about marriage guidance counselling and marital therapy helping heal relationship issues.) 

Why Rebound Love?

When contemplating, can a rebound relationship work, take some much needed time to grieve over your past relationship, then you can choose what kind of way you’ll start in the dating game, again.

Ask yourself, what’s the hurry!

There is no hurry to even consider, can a rebound relationship work, so do not hurry. Playing it clever and safe after a separated mess is always a smart idea.

A final factor that you don’t want to get right away back into a relationship when you get dumped or disposed of, or perhaps you decided on the break up, with somebody, is that there are other individual’s feelings to consider.

If you leap into a severe relationship and then realize you aren’t prepared for it, watch out! The person you are dating might be very hurt by this.


When considering, can a rebound relationship work, think about your own self-healing, and also think about how you do not want to hurt someone else.

Begin thinking about others’ feelings is crucial as you do not desire anymore hurt emotions and feelings between you and another person.

That leaves the other person possibly ravaged if you move too rapidly into a relationship and then back out.

Moving more slowly into a relationship can help better the chances that another person might be harmed.

Clearly the idea of, can a rebound relationship work, is not a healthy thought or a way to get back into the dating scene.

Take time to get over your broken relationship, find out more about yourself to the inner core of who you are, and what you desire out of a brand-new relationship.

But let’s remember when we’re thinking about relationship struggles what it is we really want in life.

Remember, one of the most typical errors over can a rebound relationship work, is in the idea of love rebound itself, because you are leaving yourself vulnerable for further hurt.

Please, take time to get over your damaged relationship with all the flamed emotions that caused wounds, learn about yourself and who you are, and exactly what you want out of a brand-new relationship.

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To the love that is within you,

James Nussbaumer

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