Change My Life Around Mindfulness Meditation for Letting Go of Struggle

Let’s say you’re at a branch in the road where lost and struggling over ‘how to change my life,’ consider this mindfulness practice.

To turn things around in your life might mean to get a grip on things; and again, consider this mindfulness meditation practice.

Often we’re up against life challenges and feeling lost for direction; like feeling trapped in life and don’t know where to turn.

Or, even if your life is happy and successful at all turns in the road, that’s great. But you still feel you’d like to maintain that wonderful lifestyle and not let it slip away.

Either way this page perhaps may have the answer for you, or at least point you in a well-minded direction.

That said, I’ve used and passed along to many a wonderful relaxing meditation session.

Here it is when I’ve been against the wall on, I need to change my life:

I like to lie flat on my back on a comfortable surface. Although, I know of others who prefer to sit in an upright position.

I sense every inch of my body gradually sinking into the surface, as if my body is making a mold.

Starting at the tips of my toes I notice a sensation of aliveness flowing through me; upward toward my head and into my brain, where it swishes around.

And then, like an ocean wave, heads back toward my toes.

That power and current of the ocean gives me a sense of direction towards light rather darkness.

This has worked wonders when haunting oneself over, change my life.

This gets me to notice my breathing.

I breathe in through my nostrils, holding for a second or two, and release slowly and effortlessly through my mouth.

As well focus on the breath and notice the contraction and expansion of my chest and abdomen.

I sense my inward breath filling up every bit of space within my body. I visualize the breath being absorbed throughout my entire flesh and bones.

As well, into every nook and cranny between nerve endings.

I take this sensation into every subatomic cell.

Sensing a oneness with each subatomic cell is the goal which places you in absolute alignment with the power of the universe.

I imagine an ocean wave swishing from toes to knees and back, then from toes to hips and back, and again to the shoulders.

It’s with added force in the swishing around of the wave, until finally it reaches its peak in the brain.

The wave pulls away from the head area with gentle ease, as in a subsiding wave, all the way back to the toes, where I repeat the motion.

It’s important to gain a rhythm in this motion of the waves:

Feel free and sense a back and forth cleansing motion. This motion is what naturally helps you make decisions at the split in the road.

And you automatically exercise the power of choice without looking back and regretting.

Next, I put my mind onto the breath and let an outward breath carry all thoughts out into the space of the room.

The inward breath becomes automatic as it fills my entire body.

The right-minded thoughts of my outward breath radiate and extend, never stopping.

It is these right-minded thoughts and perceptions building a foundation to where I feel naturally guided to change my life around as I choose.

The right-mind is what the Course in Miracles teaches us to be what puts the ego in the back seat, while Spirit does the driving on our journey through life.

The wrong-minded, ego-based thoughts, such as guilt and fear and attack, gradually with ease fade away into the nothingness they originated from.

Whatever these thoughts are, without judgment or harshness toward myself, I let go, and I know that I am being honest and true about their ego-based nothingness.

With this knowledge to change my life for the better ego chatter is gone.

Yes, of course, and never capable of being received by anyone.

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Letting everything rise through space, as I focus mostly on my outward breath, feels like I am communicating with other minds.

Yes, I mean who realize or have glimpses of their connectedness to the whole.

While inhaling there is a sense of opening up without fear, and receiving into my mind, by way of my body, all thoughts intended for me from the whole.

I sense a receiving and a giving from and to the love of the entire Creation.

Every part of the whole is accepting my own thoughts, along with my gratitude for the thoughts I receive.

If my mind wanders off, I simply return my focus to my breathing; my inward and outward breaths seem to naturally put me back on the path.

The thoughts I am receiving are not intended to be consciously looked at now.

But merely to rest in my mind, where they will expand over time and will be seen by my light when I’m ready for them.

I keep in mind when want to change my life around for whatever reason, that these thoughts are eternal.

Likewise, time is only used to get me to the eternal essence I’ve always been.

But even now, this moment, is eternal.

I find it difficult to have nagging stray thoughts if I focus entirely on my breathing. The breathing allows me to feel the healing process, and it teaches me that it is Truth.

I find it healing to recognize all the ways I’ve tried to fool myself by believing the illusions that have resulted in my errors, to realize the attack thoughts I’ve held inside.

I look at all of this with a sense of humor, along with kindness to myself.

The Course in Miracles further teaches that: 

  • Every thought you have makes up some segment of the world you see. It is with your thoughts then, that we must work, if your perception of the world is to be changed.

By feeling sure of myself, I am becoming certain of the whole, which welcomes me; this is how all healing takes place.

A normal meditation for me usually lasts about fifteen minutes.

(By the way, if you’d like further help on a few minute mindfulness practice I also suggest this popular meditation technique.)

When I come out of my meditation I feel a belonging to something close, safe, and certain.

I feel relieved of any physical stress or anxiety and feel connected and not alone.

We all face problems in the world and we’re all in this together, whether ready or not-ready for healing.

When I realize I am talking to myself at times this change my life mindfulness meditation soothes me.

I look at it as healing in motion.

If I feel I’m changing some old, stuck patterns that are shared by individuals everywhere, this gives me room for compassion and honesty.

Final Note on Turning Your Life Around:

If at a crossroad in life and struggling with the notion of ‘I need to change my life around ‘ this mindfulness meditation quickly lends inner guidance…

As well, I like to sense that I am understanding of how we are able to get stuck, and, then, get unstuck.

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To the best you ever,

James Nussbaumer

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