Confused in Life over Consciousness and Reality or Religious Confusion?

The journey out of being confused in life does not need to be a sacrificial “long and winding road.” No sir, you can speed directly out of that state of mind. Are you of the many who are confused in life, perhaps with spiritual confusion or religious confusion, and often wonder or have thoughts similar to, “Really, after all, what religion am I.”

The names assigned by the world, such as God, Christ, Holy Spirit, Prayer, Therapy, Mind Consciousness, consciousness and reality,  and so many more, have no special patent or copyright held by religions or the psychological community. 

You are free to use their meanings, or call the Source any name that is comfortable for you. 

The Oneness of God, or we may say, our one consciousness will not be offended, and you’re not being disrespectful. 

You may ruffle some ego feathers, as the ego will differ and call it sinful to change names around; but that’s okay. 

It’s not our goal to suggest or change names. 

It is the conscious and the unconscious meaning that speaks for what these words stand for, and even what they actually are. This leads you out of feeling confused in life.

The Meanings Are Unified

A Course in Miracles exclaims, “How bitterly does everyone tied to the world defend the specialness he wants to be the truth!”

The Oneness of God has not a name consisting of letters with space between them, which were somberly pronounced to the world. 

No such physical announcement was made. 

All the names we use within one consciousness, and their meanings, are unified, and all space is filled with the reflection of the truth in them, and from them.

In book 1 of the series, and then in book 2 with a stepped up perspective we dive into…The function of our right-mind, the step below total whole-mindedness, is to bring forward in our minds the acceptance of this reflection of truth as the answer to all the external, meaningless nothingness we made, which brings on conflict in the world. 

Yes, ending the feeling of being confused in life or lonely and depressed.  

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Why do we wish to argue over the proper pronunciation of a word, or its meaning, or how it should or should not be used?

This surely only adds to our feeling confused in life. The answer is: Because the ego lives, in and by, conflict.

Feeling Confused

But we can make it easy on ourselves and not be confused in life, when from the wholeness we are, we just accept the name we choose for all of reality, without being physically obligated to pronounce it. 

With this, all foolishness of feeling confused in life due to separation and divisions, which is what keeps our vision obscured, disappears.

Take this thought process now, and see beyond all names given by the generations of the world. 

Real vision

You now have the opportunity to end all feelings of being confused in life by your inner choice of a real vision that is blessed, and with blessings you can give, as you receive them as well. 

Can you now see in this thought that giving and receiving are one?

In this space in your mind, where letters and words have been removed, is where healing of separation occurs, and is your part in the Atonement process as suggested by A Course in Miracles.

The Atonement is the undoing of what never was in our minds, and with this, you have forgiven the world because you have looked beyond it.

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To no longer feeling confused in life,

James Nussbaumer

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