What to do If You Feel Lonely – Am I Destined to be Alone?

What to do if you feel lonely is something many ancient and recent day thinkers have explored and specified.  It is revealed that one of the surprises of cultures understood for their long lifespan was the significance of love and healthy relationships.

Loneliness and unfavorable interactions can depress the functioning of the body’s systems and result in poor health.

I personally believe that eventually it is the love in our lives that underlies and makes possible our biggest healing capabilities and healthy longevity.

I have also investigated that the primary killer in our society is not cancer or cardiovascular disease–it is the worry and fear of, what to do if you feel lonely.

This is not a surprise to me, as isolation and loneliness is typically the underlying sensation that a lot of individuals try to avoid with their various addictions.

Then the addiction problems and other abuses such as alcohol, become an attack on the love you have for your real Self.

The Course in Miracles states, “If you seek love in order to attack it, you will never find it.”

Thinking, am I Destined to be Alone?

Individuals in cultures known for their longevity do not even consider the thought of; am I destined to be alone, or what to do if you feel lonely?

Prior to modern-day civilization, individuals did not live alone. Our civilized way of living has actually caused the solitude that is endemic in our society.

We are not meant to be alone.

We are implied to live in caring communities with inner connection and with people to turn to for love and peace, and for help when we need it.

Support and love are crucial for our health and well-being.

The Course in Miracles further states, “For if love is sharing, how can you find it except through itself?”

Without caring family, community, or good ole friends and pals to turn to, we do not have the connection with others that all of us need.

(Here’s why feeling alone in life can be easily overcome by realizing true eternity.) 

Why is Inner Connection so Crucial?

In order to feel connected with others, we initially require to be connected with ourselves.

Course in Miracles in turn, then states, “Offer it and it will come to you, because it is drawn to itself.”

We all need the feeling of inner connection that comes from being tuned in to ourselves and to our personal source of spiritual guidance.

We require the sensation of inner connection that comes from taking loving care of ourselves–physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The goal of inner connection is not having the questions of, what to do if you feel lonely, and the contemplation of, am I destined to be alone.

We fill ourselves with love–and we then desire to share that love with others when we link with ourselves and with our spiritual Self.

Yes, Share Your Love!

We require others with whom to share our love and our joy.

And we need others to turn to in times of unhappiness and sorrow, or when we’re in the dumps and wondering, am I destined to be alone.

Isolation and loneliness is one of the hardest sensations to feel, and can keep you lingering over, what to do if you feel lonely.

To feel lonesome in and of itself, can be experienced as harmful, considering that we might have deceased as newborns or toddlers, if we were left alone for too long.

We can feel lonesome in various circumstances: when we are alone and considering, am I destined to be alone, we are not open to getting in sharing and connecting with others.

Typically people end up being addicted to an inefficient relationship and cannot leave for fear of loneliness and depression.

Fear of Being Alone in Life

So, what to do if you feel lonely?

When individuals are not linked with themselves and their spiritual guidance, they might have a connection addiction, continuously pulling on others for the connection they so frantically need.

Continuous isolation and loneliness can cause much stress in the body, which causes disease.

In addition you must address appropriate nutrition and moderate physical exercise.

One factor in particular cultures that live long and healthy lives is that they have love and inner connection with others.

So if you ever doubt over, what to do if you feel, don’t discount the power and value of relationship connections.

If you want optimal health and never worrying over what to do if you feel lonely, you have to take action in your own behalf to look for loving and caring people.

Yes, do the inner reflection work required to end up being a caring individual with you and with others.

Remember, people in cultures known for their longevity never even address the question of; what to do if you feel lonely?

When we become at-one with our inner Self—our spiritual guidance, we fill ourselves with love, and we extend that love to others.

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To a life of love,  

James Nussbaumer

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