Coping with Relationship Break Up and/or Dealing with Separation Depression

Let’s be sure if you’re coping with relationship break up that it’s depression doesn’t put you in the dumps far too severely.

I mean where there is room allowed for your own inner healing.

In other words, here’s how to survive a break up and get over a broken heart, and, move forward in life.

How to cope with a break up is a very difficult time for everybody included. We all know people who have gone through it.

Likewise, who, didn’t act the same for weeks or perhaps months. The relationship or marriage separation colored everything they did for a long time.

But let me add that this article is not ruling out that you might heal the the relationship by learning from past mistakes.

It just seems that some individuals are so harmed by a relationship break up that they go to one extreme or another.

They start having numerous relationships or perhaps some guilty one night stands.

They adopt the attitude that this may help for coping with relationship break up.

Also it is realized they’re not going to have a long-lasting sweetheart or lover. As well, meaning they know they are not ready.

Since their breakup destroyed their belief that they can discover somebody to be happy with, people like that might flit from one person to another for a long time.

Then there’s the other extreme of dealing with separation depression.

When a relationship ends, these people take a long time to get over it. They swear off men (or women) permanently.

And, yes, can go months and even years without another relationship.

Some people, particularly middle-aged, never have another relationship in their life times, by option.

They’re scared of getting hurt once again. Certainly as well they are reluctant to put themselves back out there, much like the very first example.

They don’t feel capable of relying on somebody enough to even have a casual relationship.

If you’re coping with relationship break up and you feel yourself moving in one of those directions you need to do something.

That is, to stop and take a long, tough yet gentle, inward exploration at yourself and your situation.

There are healthy methods to deal with a relationship break up, and if you need further help see a related article I’m suggesting.

You just got to explore that everybody will provide breakup suggestions when you’re in pain and moving on in life after a breakup.  

It’s a cliché because it’s real– relationships don’t always last or stay successful. Or fail based on one individual.

Your ended relationship didn’t end completely because of you or your ex.

Understanding that, you need to truly think of what you did to add to the loss of the relationship.

This is an agonizing thing to do when coping with relationship break up. 

However it’s necessary if you wish to have the ability to be better in future relationships. What would you do in a different way if you could go back and change things?

This isn’t meant to get you loaded with remorse. Or to wish you might get back with your ex to do things differently.

But it can assist you see the reality of the matter so you may save yourself from further agony.

Consider this spiritual metaphysical principle from the Course in Miracles: 

  • “How much do want salvation? It will give you the real world, trembling with readiness to be given you.”

When you discover something you did that contributed to your break up, don’t make it appear even worse than it was.

We tend to overemphasize memories.

What I mean is so that one little thing you did may blow up in your mind to be the something, that brought whatever down.

Try to stay tuned in to the fact that you will survive the relationship break up.

Do not let yourself believe in that manner– it’s not all your fault.

Now that you know what you could have done in a different way, think about it down in to your inner core.

But I mean for what your ex might improve upon, without overemphasizing his or her faults either.

Now, thanks to this relationship break up, you understand the important things you can do better. And the next time.

All the while you have given yourself a much better opportunity of a better relationship the next time.

A relationship break up is an extremely challenging time for everyone included. The relationship separation colored everything they did for a long time.

Some individuals are so overwhelmed with hurt and regret by a relationship break up that they go to extremes.

I’m saying from one extreme or another.

There are healthy ways for dealing with separation depression and surviving the break up.

Remember, we all know that relationships don’t fail or succeed based on one person.

(I also feel a related article will help on: How to begin coping with a breakup and choosing to let go and move on:) 

To healing a broken heart,

James Nussbaumer

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