Signs He’s Not Interested Anymore: Does My Husband Really Love Me?

Every little thing is bothering you when you feel signs he’s not interested anymore, and don’t know what to do.

To answer ‘ does my husband really love me ‘ means if he truly is in love then he’ll desire to be with you more often than not. 

You may not like the idea that he may be in love with someone else.

However you’re not doing yourself any good by not addressing the issue, or at least how you feel.

When recognize signs he’s not interested anymore it’s time for a peaceful discussion.

Maybe it is your spouse, telling you it is your fault. That you are the problem. Or maybe it is that pesky voice that keeps you up, wakes you up, and shakes you to the core.

You wonder, “Am I the problem in my marriage?” or “Is this crisis my fault?”

I know, because I get asked that very question all the time. People even search for it in my books and articles.

I’m beginning to get regular messages about the idea ‘of signs my husband not attracted to me any longer.’

Let me address this relationship issue quickly in this video below. Likewise, throughout this brief article with helpful pointers for you.



Let’s discuss more about the ways to help you see that you may be involved in a relationship where he’s not in love anymore:

  •  Communication is at an all time low.
  •  Does he still call you to know how you are doing?
  •  Does he immediately get his phone and press the answer button when you call?
  •  He doesn’t see communication as a critical ingredient to build a fantastic relationship.

You realize the signs he’s not interested anymore, when you call him and you always get his voice mail.

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You know, saying he will call back later, but never does.

Before all of this, he was sending you limitless sweet sexy tweets on Twitter and texts and calls.

And now he doesn’t even bother sending you a “great early morning” text message.

Just as well, if you text him you will wind up waiting forever it seems to get a reply.

If your man changes his number, doesn’t take your phone call something is up. If he cuts all means of interaction, surely are signs he’s not interested anymore.

Does my Husband really Love Me?

If he can not invest a couple of hours with you and does not really care about interaction and being together, then do not think that he is still in love with you.

That is unless one of you takes the initiative to begin a detailed open discussion.
When was the last time he took you out on a weekend trip?

When it is lost in a relationship is the time when fallout is occurring, love.

He doesn’t touch you anymore in a gentle way can be of the signs he’s not in love anymore. But, perhaps you think rather something else, not you, is bothering him

You keep putting off having a discussion about this, thinking things will get better on their own.

The Course in Miracles states:

  • ” When you try to bring truth to illusions, you are trying to make illusions real, and keep them by justifying your belief in them.”

He may be around a lot, but mainly, he barely pays attention to your presence. Regularly, he forgets to state kind words or show appreciation for your efforts.

When was the last time he offered you a compliment or requested your opinion or idea on something?

What are the signs he’s not interested anymore?

You are probably realizing the he’s not in love anymore when he does not do these things any longer.

Follow the pointers in this article and you’ll realize what’s perhaps going on means you might want to seek some help.

I mean, when he can not remember specific dates and he forgets simple features of you… – like your middle name, your birthday, and anniversaries.

It’s time for you to begin finding inner strength and living the life you want while looking toward healing of some sort.

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To healing the relationship, or moving on,

James Nussbaumer

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