Best Way to Pray for a Miracle is Silence your Mind and Surrender Past Regrets

The best way to pray for a miracle is first letting go of the idea of the miracle as some sort of magic from the sky.

By throwing that idea of magic out the window you have begun practicing the real meaning of forgiveness.

I mean when you learn to overlook past regrets by looking beyond those mistakes in life, to your Source the miracle has happened.

You are freeing yourself from darkened thought.

I ask you to keep in the back of your mind this principle from the text of the Course in Miracles:

  • The miracle forgives because it stands for what is past forgiveness and is true. How foolish and insane it is to think a miracle is bound by laws that it solely to undo.

It’s become a humanistic habit to scold, haunt, and/or pile on loads of guilt for our  previous errors.

As if we might in some way think we need to settle as friends with the incorrect behavior we feel guilty about.

We live like our past is holding us a prisoner, dealing with regret and depression, often, is the result.

As well as though no one else might understand our secret discomfort. Those adverse feelings of guilt will toy and tease with our happiness as well as fulfillment in life.

Either your past will certainly keep you tied to the whipping post of guilt, as well as embarrassment… or you will learn from it and move on in life.

Real self-awareness is the freedom of the best way to pray for a miracle.

What do I mean?

As an incomplete individual, seen as separate from your Creator, you will certainly make errors in life.

You will certainly out of anger say things you do not truly mean, and perhaps offend someone.

This is component of living with a collective ego-based thought system while in this world.

It’s foundation is fear, doubt, judgement, suspicion, and the like; which makes for a world of people making mistakes.

Let’s begin by seeing you and your Creator as whole, as-one, and not separate at all.

For what is whole has no conflict such as those characteristics I’d mentioned above of the ego-based mind.

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So Let’s Now See the Miracle for What It Is

The miracle that you are now reminds you of your cause, which time has not interfered with. But it may have taken time for you to realize it, as I certainly did.

Your cause has never changed, and you need to remember this when you scold yourself like; I regret my life choices.

But your purpose has simply been waiting for you to let go of the illusion that has been running your life anxiously.

At this moment, in this split instant, you are now its effect which is changeless and perfect. But not special.

I feel this now in myself as I am being urged by my real mind to write about this.

Yes, while having an awareness that I uncovered while being in prison has helped me to extend myself to you.

Otherwise, I’m not certain I would have discovered the best way to pray for a miracle. I’m saying, I’d been faced with the effects that have opened my mind in this fashion.

But I try not to question this too much, and with much joy I embrace the presence of these effects.

The memory that created my words which you read now do not sit in the past, nor wait for the future.

They just “toe the line” where the past and future meet, called the now for you. There is no judgement whereas looking back seems to judge.

There is no “should have-would have- could have” said it differently scenario until after I’ve written the words, or after you’ve read them.

I’ve always loved the game of golf, where we do often pray for a miracle (har, har!).

The 7 iron golf shot to a tight pin placement that fell 25 feet short “could have”, or “should have” been a 6 iron. But at solid, crisp impact back at the tee, in that instant, judgement was not yet announced, nor thought of.

“Now”, is the best way to pray for a miracle of your real mind without judgement of any kind.

This is how the Holy Spirit interprets the Bible where it states: “Judge not that ye be not judged.”

Further, meaning, that if I were to judge your memory, I would be unable to know my own.

By placing judgement on your past you are questioning your Creator, which makes for further judgement.

In this mind set, you will never come to know your true free will, nor the best way to pray for a miracle.

In this sense you are denying Him His Effects.            

When you dwell on past errors and mistakes of others, as well as, yourself, you lose touch with your real mind.

You are no longer your fearful past like the ego would like you to be.

The Course in Miracles further states: 

  • “God cannot be remembered until justice is loved instead of feared. He cannot be unjust to anyone or anything, because He knows everything that is belongs to Him, and will forever be as He created it.”

You are not able to heal if you’re stuck in fear. Thus enabling yourself to move on to the real consequences in your life, the Effects of your Cause.

In this you are not realizing the innocence you truly are behind the images you judge.

Stop, then, and in calmness and quietness of mind begin to see the miracle as a lesson. I mean, in allowing true Cause to have Its own Effects.

While doing so, simply do nothing that would interfere. What I mean is, let it happen naturally by letting go of the past.

Just surrender, and allow true Cause and Effect as-one, be your life’s purpose. Yes, the miracle!

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To miracles in your life,

James Nussbaumer

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