Does Life Get Better and What Can I do to Better my Life in This World?

How many times have you wondered does life get better, and if so, when will your life improve?

Let’s look at how can I be successful in life by more deeply understanding the power within you.

It’s the middle of the month and you are still struggling to pay the most important bills.

You know, that heavy sized home mortgage, automobile payment, and such Not to forget those utility costs like your A/C during a STEAMY HOT summer.

The kids require new clothes and shoes; the refrigerator asking for supplies. And just as soon as you want to have the ability to survive a month of costs without the relentless agony.

You’ve been there, you know you have.

We all have muttered to ourselves: does life get better.?

Most people and households have a hard time financially from time or time or continuously. Sure, it happens.

The aggravating part is that the majority of us work hard, try to seek ways to improve yourself.

Perhaps, being more cost savvy and do without the little things to make certain that paycheck stretches.

Some of us take second jobs simply to make things just a little better. The result of all of this work and feeling of treading water leaves us with a horrible energy imbalance.

Even if the ideas of the power within you and energy are unknown to you, you still feel the outcomes. You do not have persistence with your kids or partner.

On a personal level you understand something isn’t just right. You’re constantly exhausted and ill tempered.

It’s time to get rid of your concerns once and for all. With making use of the power within you for ways to improve your life.

I mean, financial freedom and how can I be successful in life, isn’t just a fantasy. You can create the favorable energy flows necessary to accomplish goals dreams.

Please keep in mind as you absorb this article a spiritual metaphysical principle from the Course in Miracles:

  • “The body, purposeless within itself, holds all your memories and all your hopes. You use its eyes to see, its ears to hear, and let it tell you what it feels.”

For this reason, your work space is where you need to focus your energy.

Yes, so you may produce a more balanced, harmonious environment.

For those who work in an office outside their home, there are particular steps you can take. What I’m saying is, to increase your wealth and productivity at work.

Let’s have a look at how your desk is placed in the workplace.

If at all possible your desk must be placed either directly facing or on a diagonal to the main door of your workplace. Under no circumstances need you sit with your back to the door.

It is also important for the power within you to check door positioning. In other words if the office door across the hall isn’t in line with your office, utilize a mirror to promote the consistent flow of energy.

I’m proposing to you here these physical arrangements for a reason. It is giving yourself a more comfortable feeling that helps along a power of reflection setting.

I mean so that you’re working in a more open area and not feeling so confined.

This stimulates the power of the subconscious.

Make sense? Not sure, yet?

Not everybody has complete walls in their work area. The usage of mirrors is helpful here as well if you have partitions or partial walls.

With the furnishings in your work space placed correctly, you can focus on more. The power within you will often send subliminal tips to improve your goals in life.

Plants are a significant aid in this regard. Being complete and green of life, plants will help to encourage growth and life in your job and cash making capability.

I know of someone who has seedlings of some type of plant always growing in his work area. It’s the reflection principle of “sowing seeds.”

Lastly focus on the decors you put in your den, shop, or whatever location.

It might be easier on you to utilize things that aren’t certainly of the power within you when you work outside the house.

What I mean is, the last thing the energy flow needs is unfavorable remarks and sensations from others.

Thankfully, the power of the subconscious works to favorably answer your question of: does life get better?

Just as well with any kind of design as long as the placement is correct. Paintings and photos are excellent for this function.

Also I always urge that learn how to do mindfulness meditation for aligning to the life you want to live.

Choose images that represent a range of various aspects that help you more clearly see what you want in life.

Yes, I’m saying aspects of total balance. Any image that inspires favorable sensations in you will assist a lot.

On the house front, the house office guideline is similar to the ones for outdoors office area. If at all possible, have a separate entryway into your office.

In the occasion that your workplace need to be part of the primary home, separate your area with a partition or large plants.

In either type of office, it is extremely crucial to the power within you for improving your life, to keep things clean and clutter totally free.

If possible leave a few inches in between the walls and your office furnishings. That being to even more enable the positive inner power to move through the area.

Sometimes it takes more than effort to attain a successful life.

The real and true power within you wants to help.

The power within you is an incredible help in producing the kind of life you have always wanted. Sure, for you, your business and on your own and your household.

When you begin answering from within the questions about what do you want in life something occurs. Miracles begin popping up.

There becomes a more serene presence, a balanced life, and the chance to more fully value your loved ones. The actions are simple and make a big distinction in your ability to prosper.

In other words, before we move on, your workplace atmosphere needs to help along reflecting the life you want.

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In the next section, let’s look at a self-growth approach for what you can do to better your life consistently.

A Personal Development Approach Answering: Does Life Get Better?

Despite which technique or belief system about self-growth that you subscribe to, it’s great you’re thinking.

The truth that your state of mind is the primary fuel for your success is an inevitable conclusion.

Knowing that truth and putting it into action are two various things.

The Course in Miracles states: “The journey that we undertake together is the exchange of dark for light, of ignorance for understanding. 

In order to optimize your individual advancement outcomes, make this simple technique a part of your conscious efforts.

For this practice, we will use the examples of love relationship success. 

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However you can do this exercise with anything in your life that you wish to improve. Sure, do so, including finances, effective weight-loss, fitness, etc, etc…

  • Action 1: Think of somebody who has what you think to be “fit, healthy, smiling all the time, and in love”.

Get a clear picture of that person in your head using as lots of information as possible.

  • Action 2: Now consider what you think that person has as a result of having that wonderful love life.

Do they have a really attractive partner? Might they have more opportunities in life due to the fact that they are more happy in life?

Are you seeing them having more friends? Do they command more respect? Are they going to live a more quality life due to the fact that happy relationship or marriage?

  • Action 3: Think of the top advantages in life that you think that person has.

And, however what you feel lacking.

There are most likely several things that you can think of, but for this practice  simply consider the 4-6 things that you feel most strongly about.

  • Step 4: Recognizing totally that this is not real and that it is simply a mental dream.

Then, picture what it would be like if you had the love of your life in your arms like this individual has.

Likewise, how those top things would play out in your life.

If one of the items you selected was having an attractive mate, then picture yourself with somebody you find so enticing. You know, that you can barely keep your mind off of them.

Envision yourself having those opportunities if you believe this other individual has a lot of opportunities in life.

Image yourself utilizing each of those chances to the max, and getting the most possible advantage out of them.

If among your leading things was that this individual has a great deal of quality people always around.

Then envision yourself with that type of quality of friends, and more.

Consider all of the activities that you will engage in, and just how much enjoyable you will always be.

  • Step 5: How do you feel?

No, actually. How do you feel?

This step, however is rather the reason for doing this workout to start with.

You see, it isn’t the wonderful relationship that you seek. It is the way that having that great life and love would make you feel over all that matters.

This is a common mistake that practically everyone makes when they are attempting to maximize their personal transformation.

They believe that it is the achievement of an objective that is the driving force for their success. But, when in all reality, the achievement of the goal is all but irrelevant.

It is the sensation that the attainment of the goal will sustain and stimulate. I mean in the individual setting the objective that matters.

Cars and houses do not make individuals happy. Maximum health and physical fitness do not make people delighted.

Enormous wealth does not make individuals happy. Effective careers do not make people pleased.


Due to the fact that each of those circumstances makes them feel, individuals end up being happy.

Focusing only on the attainment of a product ownership, a state of health, is not enough.

Nor is a level of profession success, or terrific wealth.

No, they will not create sufficient emotional fuel to keep you encouraged enough time to attain your goals.


The thought alone of having things that you do not currently have is almost totally powerless.

That is, unless it is supported by having a really strong psychological attachment to obtaining those things.

The late Wayne Dyer teaches us in his book, Real Magic, this message: ‘Darkened desires bring more darkness, just as a little flicker of light be destined to ignite.’

Certainly you want to super-charge your individual advancement in order to attain extraordinary outcomes.

That’s what led you to this article. So, you need to initially create a burning desire to attain your objectives by developing the feeling of what it will resemble to realize them.

You can visualize your life as if all of your dreams have currently become a reality.

The power within you will take charge.

However you must produce the emotional response that will be attached to actually living those dreams. Or, you risk of lacking fuel long before you attain success.

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To success in life and love,

James Nussbaumer

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