Pursue Your Passion Successfully by Realizing How to Remove Fear from the Mind

Of course if you’re like many who have ever journeyed through life in this world, you, too, have the inward longing to pursue your passion.

On the other hand, if you’re like others you have a feeling that you can’t find your passion because you’re not special enough.

In a metaphysical sense, that knowledge of who you truly are to the core, let’s discuss why perhaps you can’t find your passion.

Keep in mind this metaphysical principle from the Course in Miracles as you read along:

  • “Salvation stops just short of Heaven, for only perception needs salvation. Heaven was never lost, and so cannot be saved.”

Several individuals never ever seek what they are inwardly suggested to do, typically out of anxiety.

Often times, I discover myself ready where I intend to beat fear something has blocked me.

I mean that there have been times where I’ve scolded myself over notions as, ‘how can I find my passion.’

Then, it seemed, because I didn’t realize how to remove fear from the mind, I’d opt for much less. And from there, settle for living a comfy life.

Occasionally, I can beat fear as well as stress and anxiety of failing. But many times I’d search the self-help section of a bookstore to help me cut through my fears.

Too many times, and you maybe the same, where you struggle inside to pursue your passion, but soon give up.

You might then decide you are not special enough, or fortunate enough, or whatever.

From there you haunt yourself because you did not truly pursue your passion.

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What Makes Us Feel Special, that You seem not to Find How to Pursue your Passion?

Surely the ego in you, that aspect in us all as humans based on fear and doubt, is chirping in your brain.

Yes, perhaps, right now that we are all different, with fingerprints, DNA, hairlines, shapes, sizes, skin color, etc….

This is the ego hanging on to what it terms ‘specialness.’

We say that Jack Nicklaus is special, arguably the greatest golf talent of all time. But will any of these things, talents included, which are of flesh and bones, truly last?

But I will add that Jack’s golf swing – that talent is his readiness. Everything we see in the physical world is perishable, including a golf swing.

God gave you and everyone around you and Himself in a form called Love, which is whole inside of Truth.

I’ll be using the term brothers/sisters to indicate our connectedness as in relationship to God as our Father.

But with no sexual individualism or biasness intended which would only be ego-based.

I use words as brother/sister in my book series, and, as the “son”, to our “Father”, only to show a reflection.

I mean of our inner essence as the One Family wholeness, for all eternity.

This reflection lends us a certain comprehension as you read this article with physical eyes.

But absorb it with the vision of your realness.

Does this make sense?

I certainly hope so while you keep in mind any word can be used, as wholeness is our purpose in this session.

You and your brothers/sisters everywhere, that real essence behind the dream of form is what represents Divine Wholeness.

This whole combination is God, our Father.

That would be a constant flowing extension of Love, like the current is to the river. The water could be its outward expression.

Can you attack your brothers/sisters in any fashion without projecting an image of a body. I’m saying, where nothing appears to be special between you?

Fear makes attack possible. Your fear of God and of the specialness of others, along with your fear of death, comes from each unrecognized belief in specialness.

What do I really mean, here?

It’s simple.

These fears not allowing you to pursue your passion come from the projections you make; and these projections are built on fear and doubt.

That’s the game of the ego!

It’s because, the ego-based mind needs fear and doubt as it’s life energy to survive.

Think about it.

Why do we sometimes feel intimidated? Or, fear authority? Likewise, don’t we ourselves feel authoritative when given a uniform to wear.

Or given a position on a bench in a courtroom with power to judge? Or, how about our own territorial ownerships.

Yes, and, or privileges that we earn that have potential in making us feel special? All of this is of the body, an image you project as the physical of a material world.

In the separated, ego-based mind of those who think they are special, they in turn think from this fear.

I mean, that God must honor this specialness or suffer vengeance, which, of course is impossible.

What do I mean by vengeance toward God?

How often have we said something like this when we’re so upset over what seems to be severe loss: “Oh God, how could you do this to me?”

Is your true free will, your passion in life, in this mind set? Aren’t we trying to punish God in this type of statement?

Isn’t blame our attack?

The Course in Miracles further states:

  • “The real world is the area of choice made real, not in the outcome, but in the perception of alternatives for choice.”

Those who wish to be special must defend illusion against the Truth. This is why they are defensive in their daily actions.

What else can specialness be keeping you from how to pursue your passion?

Can we say that specialness is an attack on the Will of God? Your passion, your true free will, is the Will of God.

You can’t give love, or extend yourself while it is your own specialness you defend. This is what others attack, and is what you defend.

Never can there be inner peace among the defensive.

Does this mean that you should not live a life with having nice, comfortable, or even exotic things. I talking about that might seem to make you appear as being special?

Of course not.

You should have all the nice things which add joy and comfort to you and your family. It doesn’t mean you just do not have to be “special” in order to do so. 

You merely need to naturally from within your heart pursue your passion without fear.

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To removing fear from your mind,

James Nussbaumer

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