How to Unlock Your Hidden Powers Quick and Overcome Guilt and Shame

Let’s discuss how to unlock your hidden powers for tapping into real consciousness, so you may live your dreams.

I mean, rather than relying on your human-made consciousness, is when opportunity and doors open for you.

It is a fact that many people in the world today do not know what their inner light truly is.

Using your light of real consciousness is the means to gain access to this understanding. Likewise, one of the most truthful ways to do that is to get over the fear of going inward.

Once you let go of the fear that going inward is not harmful, you will find your inner power by your inner light.

And light extends and also sends messages of love and happiness!

Here’s a spiritual principle buried deep in the text of the Course in Miracles, which I hope you contemplate as you absorb this article:

  • “The Holy Spirit’s function is entirely communication. He therefore must remove whatever interferes with communication in order to restore it.”

The letting go of guilt and shame, fear of the future, and all those doubts, is to embrace your inner light.

As humans, our ego-based mind thrives on all that is associated with fear and judgement.

The secret for how to unlock your hidden powers is to absolutely inwardly KNOW you  have it.

But just because you realize your full potential and find your inner power, does not make you special.


That’s because when you know deep within that you are wholly connected to the Only Power that truly exists, it’s how you live in happiness and success.

Let me further explain about how to unlock your hidden powers:

We need to consider our specialness AS someone else’s defeat

What do I mean?

Okay, now that you’ve touched the surface of your inner knowledge (light), you’ve realized something that cannot be taught to you.

But can become aware of if pointed out properly.

Meaning that, you should be seeing that all you dream to be special as a human is indeed  perishable.

Yes, just as all else you look at around you in the material world.

We’ve been taught in general by generations past, that to be special is a good thing.

So, where in reality it is the dictator of your wrong-minded choices and decisions made in this world.

This is why we make what we wish to be special and call it true. We make something and then defend it.

This becomes the mindset and we go around defending our own, territorial, specialness.

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Without wholeness of mind you will not learn how to unlock your hidden powers.

But consider this: Your specialness to yourself is seen as triumphant, where your own specialness seen by someone else may be their defeat and shame.

Okay, please bear with me. Allow me to clarify:

Would it be possible to hate another if you had the knowledge you are just like him or her?

Could you really attack an individual if you realized your journey was alongside with others and to a goal that is the same?

If you were aware of this wouldn’t you help him reach the destination in every way you could, say, like in a “sack race”.

You know, especially when their success depends on it the same as yours does? The point is that no one is special.

However, one individual may become aware of his own knowledge sooner than another does.

Try to see that what is special cannot be shared, because it depends only on goals set aside for the special.

In your own mind for how to unlock your hidden powers you would think he must never reach these goals.

I’m saying, or your own goals would be certainly jeopardized. This is why the specialness in others becomes your threat, and you defend accordingly.

This means you never find your inner power.

At first your ego will deny this notion, and is why I ask that you think about this honestly. Could this also be why you may have some trouble with love’s meaning?

This must be so, especially if you’ve been “preserving” some for later to be sure you reached your goal. There is no extension of love, here.

Let’s try to visualize this in the sense of those behind the dream.

Yes, but of the whole, behind the shadow figures or forms of the dream, are your brothers/sisters because your Father created them as one with you.

Your dream as a separate entity or identity in all of this is what made the bodily form. But your Father created all that watches on as you dream.

It is you that project the images onto your separate movie screen of your separate and different dream called your life on earth.

Your projections are your own. No one sees them like you do. 

Oh my, yes, of course, this is how to unlock your hidden powers, and live the life you want while here on Earth.

Make sense? I hope so!

And remember that your brothers/sisters make their own motion picture, too, of a world they make their own.

We can say there are over seven billion separate and different projections on the planet. They are arriving and leaving in different dreams playing out.

Your Divine wholeness rests behind all of these individual projection screens.

When the Light goes on and the theater screens are no more, all that is left is one whole reality.

This is where you must begin learning to take your mind to, so you may let go of any guilt and shame.

Of course, so that you may tap into your true potential and know from within how to unlock your hidden powers.

Others have already done so, and they need you in joining this real knowledge. Why do we need you?

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It’s what keeps us whole!

To letting go of what holds you back,

James Nussbaumer

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