How to Follow Your Passion for Success and Where to Find Happiness Today

Do you move through life feeling everyday is the exact same, or are you learning how to follow your passion?

For some individuals, there’s nothing new to do under the sun, and no place to go.

For these temporary enjoyments, it feels exciting while it’s taking place. However as soon as it’s over, the same pattern of meaninglessness sets in.

Likewise they’re left thinking, “Where to find happiness, or how can I get the next high?”

Perhaps you will recognize this scene:

Two old men are resting on a bus. As the bus passes by the red-light district, one old man states to the other, “Hey … aren’t you visiting the chickens (prostitute) today?” The other guy raises an eyebrow … a spark in his old and wrinkly eyes, “Yes, yes, I will be going this afternoon!” The first old man smirks, and states, “You didn’t even bring your medication, how can you DO IT?”

Drug addicts, sex addicts, alcohol addicts… They’re constantly looking for the greater excitement and the next high, and that’s what sets their life on a down spiral.

For how to follow your passion you must make life have passion.

We all need that natural sensation of drive, anticipation, inner happiness and enjoyment.

When one does not know how to get it naturally, one may resort to vices to stimulate that sense of being fully alive.

I mean, desperately trying to bring some significance into life.

Truly successful people understand that manifestation principles and laws are working for them.

The video below shows exactly what they create from within will quickly arrive into the material world.

You see, how to follow your passion and where to find happiness is within you.

If you can’t manifest your desires, then the other manner to being passionate is to do what you love. 

Fellow author Mary Pipher, Ph.D, in her book, Another Country, sends this message as I see it:

“Being passionate is a balance in between your expectations and your attainments. One method is to get what you want. The other, is loving what you get.”

We think getting everything we want will bring us happiness.

However that is an illusion.

No, as you get older, your body parts will droop. As well, the opposite sex will pay less attention to you.

Worldwide and historical research shows that a mega million dollar income is no warranty of inner happiness. 

They have a dream, and they know what they want to accomplish in life.

They have actually found their soul’s calling, and are living life to the max by following it.

If you want to discover how to follow your passion and find happiness in life, then you’ve got to discover your life’s purpose.

Neglect it, and you continue to roam… losing time, and life itself.

To begin your path for how to follow your passion and have happiness for you, follow these 6 steps:

  • 1.) You need to understand what you’re made of. Your strengths, abilities, and talents.
  • 2.) Learn the power of visualization and meditation.
  • 3.) Craft a vision for yourself, and visualize that dream in your mind.
  • 4.) Work out a plan that sets your goals and decides what actions you should take to accomplish them.
  • 5.) Inform someone close to you about it. And commit yourself to taking 6 of the planned actions daily to build your dream.
  • 6.) Once you’ve chosen the actions you must take, now it is time to actually take action. Yes, in order to bring results.

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When you see that your actions are developing results, that is wonderful.

It will be a natural source of enjoyment and inspiration.

Rather of spending quality time, energy, and cash on vices, you invest it in developing an upward spiral of success.

By launching your desire for temporary satisfaction, you kick your bad practices out the door.

By choosing to live your purpose and address your soul’s true calling, you break free. I mean from the chains of uniformity, and find fact, significance, and joy in life.

For being passionate in life and to have enthusiasm, everybody requires that natural feeling of excitement, drive, and anticipation.

When one does not understand how to get it naturally, one may resort to not-so-good vices.

I’m saying vices to stimulate that sense of being completely alive. Perhaps, desperately attempting to bring some meaning into life.

They have a dream, and they understand what they desire to attain in life.

If you have not yet learned how to do mindfulness meditation, I urge that you do, for uncovering the inner happiness already about you.

I suggest this 7 Minute Mindfulness practice that I just love and which I practice daily.

If you desire to discover how to follow your passion, then you’ve got to have a life of purpose.

By strongly deciding to live your purpose and answer your soul’s calling, you break totally free.

You are no longer chained to uniformity, and discover inner peace, significance, and joy in life.

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To happiness for you,

James Nussbaumer

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