How to Attain Inner Peace in an Instant and Manifest Your Life for Success

Neither you or I can learn how to attain inner peace and make things happen in our lives when we feel tense, anxious, or fearful most of the time.

But these unpleasant feelings are not of your intended purpose. 

In fact, I’ve discovered they have only set me back when I’m not finding true happiness.

If before you plan your life, or think of new ideas, it helps drastically to learn how to attain inner peace.

Likewise if you can find a sense of inner happiness you are on your way to manifest your life for success.

I mean and operate only from that, you’ll be happy with what will transpire.

You will find your plans reflecting more from the power of manifestation. It’s the right-mindedness that directs you along the path of your purpose and passion.

If before you act or speak, you call on this sense of peace, you’ll find your world changing rapidly.

Yes, into a calm and conflict free place of finding true happiness.

How to attain inner peace is in connecting, or linking you to the depths of your mind, which is infinite.

In fact, even to consider your mind as having “depth” is placing measurements to it.

Infinity, as well as your mind cannot be measured. In this infinite realm is where you are assisted with letting go of your baggage.

Likewise is where you receive instructions on what to do next. It tells you that inner peace is your trump card in silencing the ego filled with anxiety and fear.

This is why I urge that you learn to do mindfulness meditation for going inward to that alpha state. It’s where your creativity sits and waits for you to claim it.

If you need to learn more, I suggest this 7 Minute Mindfulness practice; which I just love and practice daily.

How do we manifest inner peace and hold on to it steadily for the life you want to live?

You can begin by acknowledging those moments when you experience inner peace. I mean, attuning your awareness to the feeling.

As well having the willingness and readiness to create it.

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You can think about or contemplate how to attain inner peace, but wherever you place your thoughts is where you begin to create experience.

This apprehension of events through the use of your mind occurs in an instant. It’s in that instant when you decide to stop being affected by the outer world.

And instead start affecting the world around you with your own inner peace. This is the truth of who you are.

How to attain inner peace is by touching the eternal and is not of your body.

When you send a definite and clear message of your needs to the universe, which is really the distinct, infinite sphere of your mind, the Holy Spirit will clear the path.

A Course in Miracles states: 

  • “When you have accepted your mission to extend peace you will find peace, for by making it manifest you will see it.”

You’ll be obstruction free and never have to worry about fighting for what you want.

What you want is what completes the whole Child of God. It will be given to you in a way that tells you it is already yours.

Have you ever rehearsed over and over for something in advance. Especially, when it really wasn’t called for as a part of the process?

Or, maybe you’ve prayed long and hard. I mean, gotten clear about what you wanted to accomplish.

Likewise then found that you didn’t need to go through all that physical effort.

Struggling to manifest your life for success and happiness most often occurs when you are not certain you deserve it.

It’s not the struggle, but rather the inner peace and happiness.

It is when you extend your passion and purpose. Yes, that’s how you manifest your dreams to a reality you may call your own.

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To finding your happiness,

James Nussbaumer

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