What Do You Want Out of Life – Prosperity and Abundance or a Poor Man Story?

Hope you’re answering to what do you want out of life and being all you can be!  I like to say that I sure as hell am.

Don’t want to get too deep today so I’ll keep this article in shallower water than some of my others. 

Ever wondered why this whole “manifesting the life you want” thing doesn’t ever seem to pan out when you try it? 

Ever feel like something’s keeping you from how to live the life you desire? And you wonder if there’s some way to overcome that obstacle… whatever it is?

You ever see those other folks who can somehow manifest a new car… or a new swimming pool… or (and I swear to you now this actually happened to a fellow author friend of mine.) … a new life in a new country?

Well… Thing is, what could be holding you back is a series of mental blocks in your head.

In my books, I call this the ego-based mind.

Think of these as small points of negative emotion and thought, clouding your wishes to the universe with dark mojo… and either making it impossible to manifest the life you want…

Or worse… 

That’s why I suggest this video below on you having the fastest Computer in the world, being within you.

Manifesting the direct opposite of the idea of what do you want out of life.

Or even manifesting a physical of the negative emotion you’re feeling. Whether it’s hate… regret… self-doubt… anxiety…

But, if you want to overcome this subconscious wave of negative energy, there IS a way to flip a switch in your mind to banish the negativity… 

Unlock all your untapped manifestation potential.

And… Bring forth a flood abundance you never knew existed.Go here to check this breakthrough mental switch out. 

But remember… cleansing the negative energy… sending your wishes to the universe, and focusing on the life you want is half the equation.

You should do your part too, and give the universe a way to GIVE you what you want.The universe helps those who are willing to help themselves. 

For it is those who are willing to create the channels to bring prosperity and abundance into their lives.

Yes, who are worthy of the abundance the universe has to offer. Keep that in mind as you live life to the fullest. 

While you do keep focusing on the answer to what do you want out of life, try out these words in a little jingle tune for yourself.

Go Ahead and SING WITH ME! 

(it’s the same tune as the, “Dancing through the snow part of Jingle Bells.”)

“On my way to the airport. I’ve got my golf clubs packed.

And I’m bringing plenty of sunscreen lotion. 

I’m counting on so much fun!”

(Note: By the way, substitute my “golf clubs” for whatever it is that you are passionate about.)

In the next section of this article, let’s look at aligning to the power of the universe to create the life you want.

(Also, when you’re finished here, I suggest another related article on: the power of manifestation beginning by learning to visualize your goals.) 

Begin to Live the Life you Desire

Well, this is the law of manifestation that makes miracles show up in your life. Or, we might state, to materialize, create, or manifest.

It might also resemble a marvel of your inner most core deciding to live the life you desire.

When you understand the the cosmos as within you and not somewhere “out there”, you’ll learn something miraculous.

Yes, how to go from poor to rich stories that everyone likes to talk about.

If you examine this, after that obtain a note pad, and also head it with the title: “My Ideas and Feelings about the world Create my Life”. 

A Course in Miracles states:

  • “Reality is changeless. Miracles but show what you have interposed between reality and your own awareness is unreal, and does not interfere at all.”

The secret to miracles is an actually fundamental sentence: ideas and perceptions  developed as revelations wind up being your reality while in this world.

I assume you are attempting to determine how the Power of Attraction may help you,  and is why you arrived on this post. 

For, if you believe that desirable points can be established by thought power– which is birthed of idea, I see, precisely what you do assume.

I mean, after that why should negative thoughts not be created in the specific very same way as just how my spring tulips blossomed.

How they had a determination to pop up in the garden outside my kitchen window. 

If you take this activity of live the life you desire a lot more, specifically what do we show by wrong-minded and downhearted versus straight and hopeful, in any case?

From a spiritual point of view, all experiences are merely uncovering what we long for.

One that offers you (by providing complete satisfaction as well as conclusion) and offers “the world as your oyster” (it makes a difference).

For me, if you materialize wishes like riches, there’s constantly a life of objectives and enthusiasms behind it.

Well, you more than likely do assume planting seeds means growth. Yet probably you more than likely do not recognize just how it functions.

Live the Life you want to Live

Yes, certainly we are answerable in some approach for creating the reality around us.

Well, the truth is that you can do all these points, and you are definitely able to materialize whatever you prefer.

Sometimes it shows up hard to believe something, specifically when life challenges are against us. 

And those challenges which you can not talk about– the negative points, the trouble, the anguish…they can be anxiety filled.

If you look within you, deeply, you will keep in mind that just how much you assume becomes your reality.

Currently, do you see exactly how you have the power to create the life you want beginning today?

And realizing that you have that power, possibly the moment has in fact come for you to start materializing love.

Likewise other purposes and objectives for the future.

Currently checklist those points that you presently have in fact brought right into your life.

I’m saying, resembling your partnerships, your youngsters, your marriage connection, your successes, etc.

And also, if you like, the failings you have in fact established in your life. Yes, with the choices and options you have made.

Well, the truth is that you can live the life you want to live. Just as well, you are unquestionably able to bring forth into this world whatever you want.

That is what the power of manifesting is everything about. Also, you can define it as your capacity to live your life “on purpose.” 

(Here’s a suggested related article looking into manifestation techniques and why some individuals are manifesting money by a ‘simple setting,’ so to speak.) 

To living life to the fullest,

James Nussbaumer

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