How to Manifest Anything Instantly and Live the Life you Want Starting Today

Here’s a little ‘diddy’ about how to manifest anything instantly; and begin living the life you want all the while achieving inner peace.

This brief article is taken from my journal notebooks while I spent 8 long years in the rabbit hole of the prison system.

It was all over a foolish securities violation in my tenure as a longtime financial adviser, where I lost my case in court.

Very much of this hard fall I’d taken is explained in my ever-developing book series that begins with: The Master of Everything: A Story of Mankind and the World of Illusion We Call Life.

I want to extend to you how to begin pulling in what you need for how to manifest anything instantly.

There are many individuals alive right now, who are creating and experiencing the life they want.

Yes, while their juices flow with thoughts that are peaceful, which turn into ideas that extend.

This is exactly what I am doing at this moment as I write these words in a different time period.

I mean, than from where you receive these words now.

For example, as I’d written these words while in prison it was May 15, 2012, and who knows when you will receive my message; were my thoughts at that time.

Likewise, possibly implement the ideas into your own life. Does it really matter how long it took for these words to find you?

Individuals everywhere, through inner peace, extend their ideas because they know what they’re out to accomplish.

They know they are united with you.

Their light extends as mine does to you at this moment. As well, as yours will to others, only because you are willing to do so.

You have the ability to extend as you receive new thoughts that emerge within you. It’s how to manifest anything instantly, especially the life you want to live.

Something I have to say in my book series will inspire you.

I mean, as I’ve been inspired, and someone in the world is ready to receive your thoughts that have, thus, emerged.

Whenever you achieve inner peace you are linking yourself with everyone else that lives. Likewise who creates in the same thought system.

There are only two thought systems, the real and the unreal, the Holy Spirit and the ego.

One is unseparated from its source, and the other is in the likeness of a zillion piece puzzle.

That ego-based puzzle is filled with fear, doubt, guilt, judgement of self and others, and the like.

Your union with the inner-connectedness of the universe is what is unseparated from your Source, God.

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This creative power brings real ideas to you for how to manifest anything instantly. 

This is wholeness.

Carl Jung once introduced the idea that deep within the mind somewhere, we are all closely related.

A Course in Miracles takes us even deeper by suggesting ‘its an extending idea, that there is no closeness of mind at all, but that we are all of one mind.’

This is why you can pull in all that you need. Yes, because what you need is the shared abundance of the whole.

What is whole has no conflict of any kind.

It’s all within the whole, otherwise it is unreal and not of God.

A Course in Miracles text states this spiritual metaphysical principle:

  • “When God created you He made you part of Him. That is why attack within the Kingdom is impossible.”

But you may say to yourself that this all sounds good, but the cold hard fact remains that, “my life is poor and this is just the way it is.”

You may add that, “I have no material resources to even begin my journey.”

Then you may defend your stance and blame others by saying something like: “If only I had more money, or some money.”

Or, “If only my spouse would change and stop trying to control me. She holds me back with her manipulative ways.”

The entire concept of how to manifest anything instantly is to be at-one and co-creator with God.

Absolutely, in manifesting the things that are inmost to your heart.

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To how to manifest the life you want,

James Nussbaumer

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