Dating an Older Man Today and Women who Like Older Men – Sex, Men, and Women

When it comes to a female dating an older man it’s actually been quite typical down throughout centuries.

Is there more to the scenario of, ‘Being in love with an older man’?

Should age make a difference?

There are numerous instances of younger women dating older men. And, the opposite, young men dating older women.

Take many of the scenarios in Hollywood of older men dating younger women.

On the whole, you will typically find more youthful women dating older males.

Even though birth rates have plunged and many guys give up having kids entirely, the idea of dating a younger lady hasn’t disappeared.

Having a sexy girlfriend or wife may be more essential if kids are not an element in the relationship.

Similarly, even though numerous women are capable of economically supporting their kids without a male’s help, the idea of dating an older man is still prevalent.

Females can even have kids through synthetic insemination or adoption with no man involved, younger ladies dating older males is still strong.

Part of the appeal for males sometimes is that they want attractive, young looking prizes to show off to their friends and to satisfy the ego.

Just as they want the very best cars, aircrafts, watches, and boats, some desire the female they are dating to be a status symbol.

For younger ladies, dating an older man might likewise be a status symbol. A lady who can attract an older, rich male might feel more secure about her sexual appeal.

In a lot of cases, when an older male dates a more youthful woman, he has been married previously.

He might have children from that relationship that the brand-new girlfriend needs to deal with.

Since he might be offering monetary assistance to those kids and an ex-partner, he may also not have as much money as it appears initially.

Females in these relationships have to comprehend the realities of dating an older man due to the fact that he’s been burned before.

  • He may ask for a prenuptial agreement prior to marital relationship.

This doesn’t indicate he thinks a marriage will fail, however if it does, he wishes to secure himself.

In general, older males will look for excellent appearances in the younger females they are dating.

She will have appeal, education, and social skills to assist him advance in his profession.

Younger females typically meet older men at charity drives and fundraising events, high-end hotel bars, pricey dining establishments.



It might be at special social or golf resorts and clubs. Or at gatherings for high-end hobbies such as boating shows.

Older men understand that the single women collected at such places are frequently on the lookout for them.

  • Though the world is overpopulated, some biological truths don’t change.

That is why more youthful females dating older men is still a main factor in society today

There are numerous circumstances of older women dating younger men. On the whole, you will normally discover more youthful women dating an older man.

In lots of cases, when an older man dates a younger female, he has actually been wed previously.

Younger women dating older men is a phenomenon that has gone back to the days when Biblical versus stated, “Go forth and multiply” was a priority.

That is why more youthful females dating an older man are often seen in today’s society.

Next, let’s take a look at the benefits of dating an older man.

Benefits of Dating an Older Man

Is it truly so that ladies choose to date older gentlemen rather than younger ones?

We can’t reject the reality that girls who like older men is kind of weird and uneasy.

But because of ‘newer generations’ the new orientation about love, sex, and relationship are being accepted not only by young individuals but practically all in society.

Exactly what is the real score about these adult men that lots of more youthful ladies are so drawn in with them?

Many individuals who have experiences having relationship with older men state that these guys are much better compared with younger men.

  • Various females have their own various responses to dating an older man this.

Again, this will depend on the kind of life they have or environment they are living.

Like if they grew up without a male dominant figure for any reasons they tend to look for someone that is more fully grown so that this guy can handle her tantrums.

Another reason perhaps is that lady matured in a family where having a relationship with older men are socially appropriate and just fine.

Provided here is a handful of why younger females are dating an older man:

  • Older men are more emotionally developed:

One said that older guys are more mature and broad minded. They can stabilize and understand every circumstance.

Someone else said they really know exactly what would be the best thing to do and exactly what the repercussions are.

They can specify and determine their objective clearly and can actually make every female delighted about their desires on life.

Older men are more appealing especially if they currently accomplished their goals and successful on their ventures.

  • Older males are more enticing:

Some women have said “I want an older man” because they seem to be more prepared on how they bring themselves in front of their audience and not on their appearances.

This is also true in finding the ideal individual to date.

Lots of younger ladies are flirting with older and fully grown men who dress well and can carry themselves finest!

  • Older guys are well-experienced in life:

Another woman in love with an older man said, older more mature gentlemen have lots of experiences to share from their younger life.

Their experiences about dating can actually assist to enhance their relationships now.

  • Older men understand safe sex:

Men that are fully grown understand how understand the importance of the man and woman in love and take the love to the bedroom.

Fully mature men are more positive not just because of their accomplishments in life.

But they carry themselves, and resolve their problems.

They face and rise above adversity better than many younger men. In addition, they are confident due to the fact that they are generally financially stable.

  • Older guys have better self-confidence:

When you are planning of settling down, dating an older man might be a wise best choice.

If you are one of those women who are looking for mature guy to date, you can check out some websites.

Certainly online will help you to select your partner.

Can it be true that a woman dating an older man will more likely find success in the love relationship, more so than with a younger guy?

We cannot reject that there is a loss of peace at times where dating an older man to some people seems strange.

But why should there be?

The Course in Miracles teaches that, “The first obstacle that peace must flow across is your desire to get rid of it.”

But with newer generations of young women it seems to be accepted more today than ever before.

Many more youthful ladies are dating an older man and in love with an older man.

They like how they carry themselves wonderfully!

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Next, let’s find out more about sex, men, and women and what’s going on with how we’re thinking about it.

Sex, Women, and Men today!

A couple’s therapist friend of mine told me some things during his years of therapy profession.

He has regularly dealt with the sexual problems that frequently occur in committed relationships.

The most typical complaint from males concerning sex is frequency.

And the most typical problem from woman is lack of psychological intimacy.

When it comes to sex, there is a really excellent reason why these are the most typical grievances–females and men are really various!

Guys biologically have much more testosterone than ladies.

  • I’ve frequently heard males complain that:

My better half is in control of our sex life. If she desires it, then we have it.

“My better half grumbles that she has to feel intimate before we make love, but I get to intimacy through making love.”

“I don’t connect for sex much anymore because I’m sick of being turned down. But my other half states she wants to be pursued in a romantic way. This seems like a no-win to me.”

“I believe if my partner actually appreciated me and my requirements, she would make love with me even when she wasn’t switched on.”

  • I’ve often heard females grumble that:

“He constantly appears to be prepared for sex, but I don’t feel switched on unless we are feeling close. I can’t just view TELEVISION all evening and after that seem like having sex.”

“I often feel obligated for sex, as if having sex is more crucial than caring about me. When I do exactly what he desires, I feel used. When I don’t, I face his anger, withdrawal, bitterness or blame. It feels like a no-win.”

“My spouse often pertains to me like a clingy little boy, wanting me to pacify him or verify him with sex. Ugh! There is absolutely nothing sensual about an insecure, clingy little boy!”

“There should be something incorrect with me. I simply do not ever feel turned on anymore.”

One real and true concern here, at least for the majority of guys under 40.

It is that they are biologically motivated and females are primarily mentally motivated.

Heterosexual ladies get turned on when their male is warm, open, caring, and personally effective.

A majority of ladies are not motivated sexually by a male who is closed, remote, upset, blaming, or needy.

Some problems of frequency can get resolved as males and females discover how to understand and accept each other’s distinctions.

  • Guys need to comprehend and accept that ladies are not as biologically inspired as men are.

Lots of women hardly ever even think of sex, while many guys will inform you that they think about sex frequently throughout the day.

When guys comprehend that women are turned on by love, emotional intimacy, caring, then guys might be motivated.

They may usually discover how to be the caring, romantic partners that women want and need.

When ladies can accept that the biology of a man is extremely present for them, they can stop putting men down for it and begin supporting their males.

I mean support in producing more psychological intimacy, romance with inner peace, and caring love.

The Course in Miracles states, “Yet the peace that already lies deeply within must first expand, and flow across the obstacles you placed before it.”

When females slam men rather of understanding and accepting them, they help to produce the insecurity.

It’s a turn off to numerous ladies.

When a female can value instead of demean her guy for his sexuality, she can find ways of fulfilling his needs without sensation used.

Realizing more deeply and accepting each other’s differences and requirements can lead both males and females toward more rewarding sex lives.

It doesn’t matter if it’s women dating an older man or a younger guy.

When females criticize guys and not understanding and accepting them, they bring out the insecurity that is such a turn off to lots of women.


As you’ve read above it appears a lot more typical for more youthful men to this day.

I mean, older men dating younger women is being a popular common scenario these days.

Older women are more appealing, says one guy.

Although there are numerous females dating older.

Still older females suggest that they currently have more experiences.

Seems they appear to have incredible self-esteem in life.

Typically speaking, in situations of the older guy and younger woman circumstance, the more youthful woman is normally searching for something particular.

Yes the ladies having a relationship with an older male and more and more today, dating an older man and loving doing so.

On the other hand which I’ll be discussing in an upcoming article, some guys are declaring that older females are more satisfying to be with.

These younger guys are saying, the older female compared with more youthful women are preferred.

With ladies dating older or having an older better half, this is typically described as a “Wonderful Spring to Beautiful Autumn” love.

Sure due to that there is a substantial age distinction between the male and the woman, or the male and the woman both as-one feeling younger.

  • There are females dating older males and liking the age space, surely.

Again, there are more youthful guys who choose to find love and and sense of security with a bit older woman than he is.

So with all this being said today, let’s let go of the age thing all together and find the advantages of true love.

It is an acknowledged truth that women can be drawn in to older males for a variety of factors, just like men to older women. 

I guess to each is own.

Don’t you gently agree?

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To success in life and love,

James Nussbaumer

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