Let’s Define Successful and See Steps to Success in Life for You in Your World

Far too many people in today’s world can’t truly define successful and are blocking out the steps to success in life?

But when we learn to reflect from within to our material world, and take action, then we meet our dreams excitedly, and also expected.

“Such reflections are unavoidable if one wants to understand the meaning of ‘Big Dreams’.”

~ Carl Jung

This truly is an excellent statement.

Not only is it also inspiring but interesting and can lead you to define successful in your world.

One of the realities that I find most aggravating as an author and speaker is that lots of people have no clue about success.

Many believe that success, in whatever field of venture they are currently making every effort, is rather like winning the sweepstakes or lottery.

In reality, it certainly seems from the evidence that they in fact think that success is much more random.

That’s due to the fact that they aren’t even buying a ticket.

Keep in mind as you read this article that A Course in Miracles gives us this profound principle:

  • “God builds the bridge, but only in the space left clean and vacant by the miracle.”

They are just passively waiting.

If you listen to individuals talk you will not hear many individuals voicing this opinion of success.

But look around you and watch what individuals are really doing. Or rather not doing–and you will quickly see what I imply.

Lots of people desire things–they want to be abundant, they want to be at the top of their occupation.

They want an effective marriage, they wish to raise great kids, they want to be respected in their community.

So many things, and so on.

But what do they do to achieve this success and how to define successful in terms right for them?

Are they working both tough and smart towards their monetary goals and living frugally while they do so?

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Are they continuously learning and making every effort at their task?

Could they be extending love to their spouse, understanding, consideration, and generosity?

What about hanging out with their children both modeling how to be a great person and being generous?

I mean with their love and understanding?

Are they frequently showing themselves within their neighborhood. I’m saying by being a good next-door neighbor in every sense of the word?

All of us know that we should achieve these tasks as we set out to achieve success in these areas.

Most likely I missed something as well.

I am barely a model for how to define successful in every area. I would in truth describe myself as fair to middling.

Certainly I am not abundant in cash, however the costs get paid and our fundamentals and then some are covered.

Hopefully without excessive stress you can define successful.

My readers, peers, and subordinates believe I am doing a pretty good job as well as those that I serve expertly.

While I did have my share at failed relationships I know I could certainly put more into the next time.

I believe I have fantastic grown children however know well my failings as a dad. I add to my neighborhood however no where near the level that I could or should.

How do you define successful?

Is it cash, career, love, marital relationship, household, relationship, respect, neighborhood?

For me, success is primarily about love. The number of lives do I touch with mine through my writing and speaking?

How many hearts?

Who has been changed by my existence in a positive way? I hope that people judge me as a good individual which if I died tomorrow that there would be terrific mourning.

If we actually want to know what is success in life then we will set ourselves on fire. We won’t await spontaneous combustion.

One of the realities that I find again most deeply as a speaker and writer of books and articles, is that most people don’t know.

I mean that many individuals believe that success, in whatever field of undertaking is all about money.

For many they are presently striving, but will get envious of others who win the lottery. Yet they will not by a ticket themselves.

It definitely seems from the proof that they in fact believe that success is even more random.

Yes, since they aren’t even buying a ticket.

We all know that we should achieve these tasks by learning to achieve success around our own world.

I mean begin living your dream and not some else’s, and, don’t allow others to tell you how to live your dream.

As I’d said above about success, but in a different way, I am hardly a model of success in many areas.

But, for me, to define successful means living ‘MY’ dream.

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To finding success and happiness,

James Nussbaumer

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