Reduce Stress and Manage Anxiety Quickly and Help Your Mind Relax

Learning to reduce stress is a difficult task for many people today. If one is not able to manage anxiety and stress other health problems may creep in.

We like to get addicted to feeling tense and tight.

Positive thinking has its place, unless it is backed up by practical knowledge it tends to get overloaded and fade away.

Here is a good handful of tested methods so you can manage anxiety and stress:

  • Control your REACTION with these basic words.

When people attempt to weigh you down with their nervous remarks and mindsets, the first action is to remain alert.

The next action is to reply to the tried attack: “I have absolutely nothing to say to that.”

This cuts off the infectious result of the difficult assault. It obstructs the tendency to accept and mimic depressing words from others.

Your nature does not drop to the level of the distressed remark, but remains high above it.

Unfavorable people WANT to get you involved with their defeat, and this is a major approach they use to do it.

Your reply to reduce stress: ‘I have absolutely nothing to say to that’ prevents them from drawing you in as their victim.

Real Magic author Wayne Dyer stated, “An attitude of defeat in another individual can not touch you unless you thoughtlessly accept it as yours. And there is no requirement at all for you to accept it. A peaceful refusal to get in the battleground is the ideal reply.’

  • To reduce stress let go of unpleasant animosities.

Disliking somebody resembles consuming poison yourself and hoping the transgressor will die from it.

We need to grant to others the exact same opportunity for change or we shut the door on our own development.

Therefore, it is our obligation to release those who have actually caused damage to the providence of a greater power.

I mean, while simultaneously realizing they will be held responsible for their actions.

The secret to spotting signs of stress without tension is to recognize your newness in the present moment many times every day.

NOW is energetic and so alive, so concrete and real, that painful grudges can not “live” here.

Animosities can only remain around when sustained by ineffective and uninformed mental visits to the past.

Observe negative thoughts with the goal of understanding them, rather of trying to suppress them.

  • Self-Observation is a master secret to coping with stress.

Rather of declaring stressful thoughts and feelings as our own, we can observe and comprehend them.

This understanding sets us totally free and helps to reduce stress!

Self-observation is practical spirituality at its best. Marcus Aurelius, the ancient Roman Emperor stated, “Those who do not observe the motion of their own minds must want to be dissatisfied.”

  • Pause and take pleasure in a deep breath.

Individuals are frequently so tense with demanding things that they hardly breathe! We can do something smart and extremely helpful.

It helps to take quick breaks often times a day, even if for just 30 seconds! We can stop briefly, take a deep breathe, browse and unwind.

It’s why I suggest learning how to do mindfulness meditation. And if you’d like I recommend the 7 Minute Mindfulness Meditation practice, here.

Suppose you feel tempted to give in to somebody when you understand you should not.

Your constantly anxious and resentful mindsets will fall away like leaves from a tree, and reduce stress.

(Here’s another related article on why attitude is everything when wanting to overcome depression and letting go of stress and anxiety.) 

  • Understand you have far better things to think about!

The old point of view has its favorite grooves; for example, unfavorable mental photos that pull you far down.

When you spot yourself associated with one of these internal visions, time out and state to yourself, ‘There are much better things to think about.’

This instantly snaps the spell and moves you to greater ground for managing anxiety and reduce stress.

Once consumed by these negative mental clips, you’ll feel much less tension and an abundance of new vigor as you reclaim the energy.

All of a sudden awaken and come home to yourself by enthusiastically stating: “There are better things to think about!”

  • Stay clear of negative zones of influence.

Our society is rampant with negative influences.

They originate from a lot of places, like frenzied individuals, advertising and untruthful politics.

Always remember: Unaware people want you to vibrate on their demanding level.

It is your responsibility, your worthy mission in life, to reside in consistency with your Heart. Yes, I mean, YOUR AUTHENTIC AND INTELLIGENT SELF.

Though physically you may remain in a difficult location, when you connect with your Heart you have the spiritual power to remain complimentary inwardly.

No law states you need to fall under stressful zones of impact.

  • Choose not to make demanding or angry comments.

Tension spills out into the world.

It is like a snowball rolling down a hill that begins small then collects size and momentum.

We need to stop tension in its infancy, and the finest location to do so is BEFORE it leaves the mouth.

Here’s a terrific method to reduce stress in your life:

This insight practice  is called SELF-SURPRISE. Here’s how it works.

You are about to state something angry or hurtful to another person. The declaration has left the dock–it is traveling at the speed of light toward the mouth.

Your AWARENESS actions in, and a higher option is made; a switch is tossed and you do not state exactly what you will say.

You state something joyful and handy instead!

You’ll instantly feel the sincere truth of practicing this exercise. Anger or stress did not succeed in dictating your speech.

Your power of option lifted you above its arrows. This is not the practice of counterfeit niceness.

It is the expression of true strength and genuine self-command. It can only happen when your awareness is active, like the presence of a lighted lodge in the dark forest.


The one supreme power that guarantees individual happiness is personal right-minded thinking. This “best thinking” is based on practical wisdom.

Remember, A Course in Miracles states: “Every idea begins in the mind. Therefore, what extends from the mind is still in it, and from what it extends it knows itself.”

Stress is remarkably consistent, even seductive.

The secret to success by coping with stress is to understand your inner self in the present moment lots of times each day.

Tension and stress spills out into the world.

We need to stop stress in its infancy, and the best location to do so is BEFORE it starts as dialogue coming from your lips.

Anger, anxiety, stress or tension did not prosper in dictating your speech.

(This related detailed article discusses handling anxiety and stress how to control stress for personal growth.) 

To coping with stress,

James Nussbaumer

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