Emotional Infidelity or Cheating in the Marriage: Why Hurt Others?

Emotional infidelity or cheating – I mean, why hurt others, even those not directly involved?

How you deal with an emotional infidelity in your relationship is up to you.

You certainly have a number of choices, not the least of which is ending the relationship.

Some may argue that a psychological affair is not cheating at all. I think it is a personal decision all of us have to make on whether we think it is cheating or not.

Personally, I believe anything that takes the love far from the one you say you enjoy and you freely offer it to another person, is unfaithful.

Wouldn’t you agree that it doesn’t matter if it is a psychological cheating or a physical or emotional thing?

Certainly, emotional infidelity is cheating.

So the concern is, what takes place when you discover your mate is having an emotional affair.

Or any sort of affair for that matter?

Do you kick them to the curb or do you try to salvage the relationship? Do you even have the strength to try to save it?

If the relationship was on the rocks to begin with, the cheating may be a blessing in disguise.

The two of you can just continue to go your separate paths. As a result, the hurt caused by the extramarital relations is very little.

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Even with emotional infidelity, if the relationship was on strong ground that is a good sign for healing the relationship.

I mean that, if still a twinkle of love when the extramarital relations occurred then you look inward.

Again, I am saying, you need to determine the level of damage it triggered and after that respond appropriately.

And we have all heard the adage, “for every action there is an opposite and equal response.”

If the relationship was excellent to begin with the devastation will be huge. Sure, and the energy expended to attempt to save it will be simply as massive.

To the one who had the psychological affair – prepare yourself to have your little disobedience included your face whenever each of you have a difference.

What you did was substantial and despite the fact that the two of you might save your relationship, it is going to injure the other one for a long period of time.

Unless he or she is a saint and can forgive and forget then you will be subjected to recurring embarrassment time and time again.

You can sit there and pout and believe to yourself, “Why do they keep tossing this up in my face?

I asked forgiveness every opportunity I got, we conserved the relationship and they stated they forgave me.

Or, may be thinking, I do not get it. Why do I have to keep paying for this?”

Well, if you injure somebody purposefully, that hurt is difficult to get over even with all the apologies and sucking up.

It is so challenging to come back totally from emotional adultery.

How you deal with an emotional cheating in your relationship is up to you.

I mean do you end the relationship, or do you stay and begin healing?

Does not matter if it is a psychological infidelity or a physical cheating. If the relationship was on the rocks to start with, the cheating may be a true blessing in camouflage.

Again, in conclusion to emotional infidelity and other adultery issues:

If the relationship was on solid ground when the infidelity happened then you need to figure out the level of damage it triggered and then react appropriately.

It is so tough to come back entirely from a psychological harm in a love relationship.

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James Nussbaumer

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