Falling Out of Love – Signs of an Affair – Causes of Infidelity and What You Can Do To Heal

If you’re thinking to yourself, “I am falling out of love and believe I need some relationship help,” then you most likely do.

When things begin to go south in a relationship, it seems that the last person you wish to go to for aid is also the one you should be talking to the most, your partner.

As you consider this article keep in mind that the Course in Miracles states:

  • “The holy relationship, a major step toward perception of the real world, is learned.”

In the article ahead, I’d like for you and I to look deeper at causes of infidelity. Likewise,  more on signs of an affair, and the idea or thought of falling out of love, and what to do.

When it breaks down it and you feel you might be falling out of love, can in some cases be tough to get back, but it’s not difficult, and interaction is important in any relationship.

  • Start by making a list of the things in your relationship that are bothering you.
  • Relationships take two to work or not work, and if you are feeling bad about your relationship, so is your partner.
  • Start your sentences with, ‘I FEEL’ this and ‘I FEEL’ that.

The only thing laying blame will achieve is making your partner feel they have to safeguard themselves.

Yes, and will probably begin a relationship battle.

As a result, defeat the entire purpose of attempting to enhance your relationship.



It’s best to ask your partner how they feel about the path or journey your relationship is heading.

Find out exactly what they think they desire and/or need from you to make your relationship successful then voice your own concerns, needs and desires.

If talking things through doesn’t appear to go very far, then it might be time to speak with a, ‘Best relationship advice’ expert.

  • Keep things between you private.

Of course, the less input you get from biased sources especially about the feelings of, ‘falling out of love,’ the much easier it will be to resolve the aspects of your relationship that should be resolved.

When you’ve talked about things like feeling you’re not in love in anymore, and feel you both are ready to begin seeing a relationship counselor, if you do, make a list (or take the one you’ve already made) of things to talk about.

The relationship counselor or marital therapist will help you both sort things out and keep them in point of view.

They understand the right questions to ask and what buttons to press to get you thinking and can keep the conversation heading in the ideal direction.

A relationship therapist will provide you exercises, or homework, to teach yourselves the art of communication outside his or her office.

It’s all understanding and if you’re seeing changes for the better and you are seeing things from both sides instead of simply your own, then perhaps you could stop thinking, ‘I need the best relationship advice’.

If you are feeling deeply that you’re not in love anymore, you must do something.

Therefore, you most likely do need to consult with a professional in marriage or relationship counseling.

If talking things through does not seem to assist, then it might be time to seek advice and discuss the relationship issues with an expert.

When you’ve talked about things and feel you both are ready to start finding relationship tips, that’s a good sign that the relationship may be saved.

It’s all understanding what’s going on within you, but you also need to look at both sides of the relationship issues.

If your understanding changes and you are seeing things from both sides and being open-minded, then perhaps you are not really falling out of love.

Next, let’s look at causes of infidelity or signs of an affair that might be taking place with your partner.

Causes of Infidelity

I discover this dilemma rather common for more youthful couples, probably mid or late twenties and early thirties, than of older ages.

It seems in the younger ages there is more of a bit of confusion on actual goals in life and what one truly wants to accomplish.

The Course in Miracles further states, “The temptation of the ego becomes extremely intense with this shift in goals.”

Normally one reports falling out of love, and is genuinely disturbed by this shift. He/she (and this is not simply a female problem!) wishes to “recapture” those feelings.

This person has actually found a “loved one” who has stirred those inactive feelings and this individual again, “feels in love.”

They have decided not to “settle” for a less than an ideal relationship, which indicates, naturally, feeling the love sensations.

Here are some Key Points for these kinds of signs of an affair:

  • Falling in love is the standard:

The implication being, that if it does not take place, or if it goes away, something is wrong–with you, your spouse or the marriage. A great relationship needs to first unlearn an excellent deal.

Usually the person having an affair experiences a high degree of regret and dispute, and he or she is typically married to a “excellent” person and the desire to “find that caring feeling” seems selfish (which it is) and immature (which it is).

Intuitively (and this individual usually has a good deal of intuition and sensitivity) it is known at another level that he/she is not on the best path.

  • This individual generally needs drama and excitement:

Life quickly becomes a daytime drama and emotional juice from the fall-out of emotionally intense relationships reigns, instead of living life from the core of who one is.

  • Falling out of love generally occurs when the ‘attracters’ become the ‘distracters’:

His love for enjoyable and spontaneity, which drew her initially to him, ends up being irresponsibility.

  • The individual “looking for love”:

He or she is in fact looking for the suitable, somebody out there, who will forecast back to him/her that he or she is OKAY. No, more than OKAY, near to ideal.

  • This person needs to be told how wonderful he/she is:

The individual needs to think another loves him/her, since there is a lack of inner strength and strong identity.

The other becomes my world, due to the fact that I lack a world. Being “in love” is the panacea for my vacuum.

Sexual activity might indeed END the relationship or at least move it to the point where the attracters end up being, again, the distracters.

The idealized images may be held together by long phone calls, presents, love letters, emails, and so on.

The struggle at times of raising kids, keeping a career and beginning, paying bills, etc., end up being the focal point for the couple, and for one of them feeling like they are falling out of love.

Here are some recommendations:

If your spouse is dealing with this type of relationship, make sure you are patient and care for yourself.

Your spouse does not have the capability to do this for you (or anybody) at this moment.

Yes, you are okay and her/his affair states less about you and far more about the emptiness within her/him.

It is time for you to understand you better.

To find out more on the various signs of an affair, what causes them, the probabilities of them ending a marriage and exactly what you can do about it, visit my blog and other pages of my website.

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Next, for this article, let’s explore more on the causes of infidelity when there are those feelings of falling out of love, or not in love in anymore.

Signs of an Affair and Falling out of Love

As I’d already stated but in a different way, I’ve known of this problem rather common for younger couples who still have more maturing about the life they want to live.

Typically one reports, “falling out of love” and is truly disrupted by this shift, where he/she wants to “recapture” those sensations.

The Course in Miracles teaches that:

  • “For the relationship has not yet been changed sufficiently to make its former goal completely without attraction, and its structure is ‘threatened’ by the recognition of its inappropriateness for meeting its new purpose.”

This individual has discovered a “loved one” who has actually exposed some dormant sensations and this individual once again feels a ‘turn on’ they never had before.

They are determined not to live life to the fullest, which indicates, naturally, feeling the love.

Here are some more relationship tips for these kinds of marital issues:

Sadly, our culture (movies, songs, romance books, soap operas, love, sit coms) teaches us that this is how it’s expected to be:

“Falling in love” is exciting and the implication being, that if it does not happen or if it goes away, then there is a problem.

  • A great relationship should build and grow.

The person who was driven to find “that loving sensation through infidelity” typically experiences a high degree of remorse, regret and conflict.

He or she is frequently wed to a “great” person and the desire to “find that caring feeling” seems self-centered (which it is) and immature (which it is).

Falling out of love usually takes place when the fantasy seeker finds that fantasy is not real after all.

His love for fun and spontaneity, which drew her at first to him, ends up being irresponsibility.

The person “trying to find love” is actually looking for the perfect, somebody out there, who will offer words to him/her that he/she is fine and that everything is OKAY.

This person needs to be loved, or think another needs and wants him/her, since there is an absence of true power within and strong real spirit.

Sexual activity may undoubtedly END the relationship or at least move it to the point where the fantasy seeker becomes, again, realizing there is no fantasy.

This type of affair typically takes place when there is a “lull” in the marriage relationship, but you can get him back or her, that is if you truly want to heal the matter for keeps.

The responsibility to commitment of family, a career not going so well, problems with the children, paying bills, and so on become the focal point for the distracted couple.

  • Romance ends up being a foreign word.

If you are seeing signs of an affair in your spouse, be certain to talk to someone who is a professional and take good care of yourself.

You cannot be the other person, so you cannot own his/her feelings and the actions taken leading to infidelity in marriage.

For you to begin surviving an affair means realizing that her/his affair proves far less about you and rather a ton more on the loneliness and emptiness within her/him.

You will want to be a proven display for him/her on what it implies to be an individual with an inner core.

I mean, with stability, with commitment and reliability and with values.

Too, with meaning, with purpose and actively figure out what your requirements are, and get them met.

Remember, the individual “looking for love in all the wrong places,” is actually looking for the perfect, somebody, out there, who will say things to him/her that satisfy, whether from the heart or not.


When favorable sensations of love start to fade, intimate partners not only are faster to slam and crash with pain, however slower to recover.

They hang on to and overemphasize annoying habits.

Frustrations occur more routinely, promises and devotion not kept are viewed as significant disturbances in trust.

As, well, descriptions are viewed as lame reasons, and future strategies are not thought in with the very same hope.

They typically have a terrific offer of persistence for their partner’s synthetic past and characteristics when individuals are still in love.

They are sluggish to respond adversely, rapidly forgive, and wish to move beyond the mistake as quickly as possible.

When they may otherwise feel more judgmental, they focus on the things they like about their partner and utilize those warm sensations to sustain them.

As those connections reduce, where falling out of love occurs, partners who as soon as would have not gone without those expressions of love, do not ask or require for them in the exact same style. 

When each sees the other still able to be caring with others, the distinction is especially obvious.

For the majority of couples, their absence of sexual frequency and strength is most visible, however there are other locations that might stand out.

Reduced affection when falling out of love becomes opposite when love is brand-new, physical love and caring psychological expressions occur routinely.

What one feels, the other understands, by touch, facial expression, voice caresses, and inviting body language.

But if one feels they are not in love anymore, it might just be a phase with other things to consider, and is not a reason in itself to give up or end the relationship.

My point is, you can still get him or her back in your life!

I’ve seen many couples give up on each other way too soon because of impatience and the idea of, “Life is too short,” and the like, but with real love pressing forward, a relationship in such dismay can certainly be saved.

(Please note I also suggest this related article on infidelity in marriage and surviving an affair: Is leaving a relationship the answer, or should you stay?)  

To success in life and love,

James Nussbaumer

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