Infidelity in Marriage and Surviving an Affair: Is Leaving a Relationship the Answer?

Here we discuss infidelity in marriage, and when caught in the act where surviving an affair is necessary or either deciding to begin moving on and leaving a relationship.

Trust is a necessary aspect to any relationship, and this lies at the heart of a strong relationship.

However, once that trust has actually been abused, it will be very difficult to restore that into the relationship.

Let’s say that you have a struggling relationship and at some point you actually love your spouse or partner.

Although, you have been caught having an affair by your wife or girlfriend, no matter how she caught you, she saw the messages from your mobile.

Let assume she heard you talking with the other, or saw you together, you have to deal with the situation if you really desire to save your relationship.

Infidelity in marriage causes extreme emotional discomfort, anger, shock, fear, guilt, shame; but recovering after an affair doesn’t have to indicate relationship healing cannot occur.



Here are some beneficial tips that might assist you to save your relationship:

  • End the affair

First of all you need to end your affair; if you decide to stay with your wife or significant other, you must end all interactions and communications with who you were caught cheating.

  • Be sincere

Open communication with your partner is crucial. If you were caught in the act and she’s aware now that you have been unfaithful to her, you already many told her many lies.

So now you need to confess; do not reject, because this will make things worse.

  • Apologize from your heart

Even if you like it with the other, show your wife or significant other that you are sorry for the pain you caused her and guarantee that infidelity in marriage will never be the case again.

Promise that you will end the affair, and be open with her that you really love her and you do not want to lose her for a stupid and selfish mistake on your part.

  • Speak with her openly

If she needs to know all the details, you’ve got to tell her even if she will be hurt, and let her vent the hurt and anger.

She will tell you how she feels soon, but you should understand her and listen while keeping in mind that it is your fault that she feels hurt and will have to begin surviving an affair.

This is where most women need some form of self-confidence building and self-esteem help, and is a courageous effort when a woman sets forth on healing.

  • Recognize the issues

I mean recognize typically points to underlying issues in your relationship, and examine your relationship to bring forward exactly what has contributed to the affair.

Some individuals cheat because they aren’t getting their needs met inside their relationship, so if she asks you why you did it, don’t be harsh.

Just state the facts about what was going on with your own feelings, but in a concerned way over her feelings for dealing with infidelity.

  • Be liable

If you are guilty of infidelity in marriage you must admit your wrongs and be responsible for your actions.

  • Offer her some space

You both require a break from the emotional tension, and you’d be much better to discuss it deeper after she’s cooled down.

  • Rebuild trust

Start with little opportunities to grow closer together, because overcoming infidelity interaction ends up being extremely strained.

However if you do not interact you can never heal and build trust once again in your relationship.

Perhaps it is that you do want to get him back in your life and heal together as one while committing to one another to recover and become more whole and connected.

The Course in Miracles teaches, “When you have let all that obscured the truth in your most holy mind be undone for you, and therefore stand in grace before your own Divinity, healing can begin.”

  • Determine your shared goals

Make sure that you both want to save your relationship and together begin recovering from an affair for a better future for the two of you.

  • Go to a relationship counselor

Yes, you will need to get help dealing with your relationship issues, and marital therapy surely may help you to save your relationship.

  • Set ground rules

Choose both some guidelines for the future in your relationship so that both feel safe and secure that infidelity in marriage will never occur again.

Sometimes after experiencing a circumstance like this, leaving the relationship occurs, but can sometimes be more powerful than ever before on bringing your love closer together.

However, if it happens that your wife doesn’t want to forgive you for what you did, and wish to end the relationship, you should respect her choice.

If you are in a relationship where infidelity in marriage has happened and your partner has actually cheated you might be questioning if a relationship after unfaithful is possible.

There actually is no set response to this concern, but there are many elements that will come into play.

Next, I will address a few of the questions you have to ask yourself as you aim to decide what is the very best option for you, your partner, and your relationship:

A Relationship after Cheating

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Is it possible to heal a relationship, or fix the broken marriage, and go deep into rekindling the old love to make it better than ever before?

Let’s address a few questions about dealing with infidelity and whether or not you should be considering ending a relationship.

Leaving a relationship is not always the best thing to do when recovering after an affair, so let’s look at whether you should begin moving on, or choosing healing for staying together.

  • Do you want to stay in the relationship?

This is frequently the most obvious, and the toughest question to respond to when there has been infidelity in marriage.

You understand yourself and your partner and how you truly feel.

Reconstructing a relationship while surviving infidelity will take a great deal of time, a great deal of perseverance, a great deal of trust, and mostly a great deal of love.

If you do not seem like you can truthfully bring those characteristics to the table you will most likely not be able to stay with it long enough to recover the injuries.

It might be best to decide on ending the relationship.

  • One consideration is the long term practicality of the relationship

While nobody deserves to cheat, if your partner has actually constantly been truthful and devoted, however just had a weak point that got in the way, particularly if the relationship was struggling, you may be able to carry on with the relationship.

Obviously that would depend on the reason the relationship was struggling to start with.

If it was simply a ‘regular’ rough spot than that’s one thing, but if the relationship is over, however neither of you really wants to admit it, that is another thing.

Figuring all this out will be hard, specifically when you are handling the pain of betrayal, but it is essential to attempt to take a step back to see things more clearly.

Seeing things more clearly can be assisted along by employing the assistance of a counselor or therapist, an objective third party that can assist and guide you through these questions and create honest answers.

  • It will take some time

Nobody should anticipate fixing a broken marriage in a couple of weeks, or even a few months.

To structure trust again if infidelity in marriage were to happen again, is even more difficult than constructing it the initial time.

You need to permit yourself time to get some clarity so you can decide exactly what you want to do.

Often the unfaithful partner will aim to hurry things.

They do this for a few primary reasons, one, they feel guilty and the faster you are ‘back to regular’ the faster some of that regret will fade.

And then, they know that if you have the ability to grieve for a time and get clearness it’s extremely most likely you’ll choose to end the relationship, and they might not desire that, despite the truth that they cheated.

If your partner has cheated and you want to decide if a relationship after infidelity in marriage is still possible, just think about some of these points.

Surviving an affair can be one of the most unpleasant and certainly difficult things you will ever go through.

You will get through it, and it’s crucial to try to make the best decisions you can so that you will be able to find healing, with or without your partner in the future.

If your partner has cheated and you want to choose if leaving a relationship or staying is the best thing to do, just think about some of these points I’ve mentioned in this article.

Next, it’s good to explore carrying on break up discussions when dealing with infidelity in a relationship, so you may get through this most painful and challenging time.

  • Why a Break-Up Discussion Might Help Healing

If you are thinking of moving on and leaving a relationship, separate discussion is frequently quite hard to have.

If you have no concept that the relationship remains in difficulty and your partner chooses to break it off, then you might find it very difficult to pay attention to what he/she has to say.

Regardless of who ends the relationship, if one of you is thinking about moving forward in life, separate conversation should be done.

By having the break up conversation you might really be able to conserve the relationship by discussing exactly what the issues are and whether you will be able to repair them.

There are things that you can do to attempt and conserve the relationship before it’s too late.

When a relationship ends due to infidelity in marriage, if you recall you will most likely realize that there have actually been some problems going on for a while.

If you discover that the relationship is having issues you can deal with them and repair them prior to it reaching divorce or break up point.

Excellent communication is important in any relationship, but especially so if you are trying to conserve a dissatisfied relationship.

If you are dissatisfied about something, you may want to talk about your issues and let your partner understand.

You need to ask your partner if he/she enjoys or if there is anything he wish to change. Dealing with the problems early can assist a relationship return on track and prevent breaking up.

If you are aiming to convince your partner from leaving a relationship due to infidelity in marriage, break up discussions ought to cover the following: 

  • 1.) Ask your partner why they are unhappy in the relationship and if there is anything specific that is making them dissatisfied
  • 2.) Ask your partner if there is anything that you can do to repair the problem.
  • 3.) Listen to everything your partner tells you and inform him your sensations likewise.
  • 4.) Aim to comprehend his view and then aim to make positive modifications to deal with the issues.

When you have talked about the problems with your partner you can both then take steps to make favorable modifications to get your relationship back to what it used to be when things were good.

If you have had an interaction breakdown then it is essential to open up the lines of communication in your relationship.

To heal your relationship and prevent your partner from moving on, break up communication is vital.


If you are in a relationship where your partner has cheated you might be questioning if a relationship after an affair is possible.

Restoring a relationship after extramarital relations will take a lot of time, a lot of patience, a lot of trust, and most of all, a lot of love.

They do this for two primary factors, one, they feel guilty and the quicker you are recovering the sooner some of that regret will fade.

And secondly, they know that if you are able to grieve for a time and get clearness it’s extremely likely you’ll decide to end the relationship.

This is when they may not want that, despite the reality that they cheated.

If you are deciding toward ending a relationship and moving on, break up conversation is often rather difficult to have.

If you have no concept that the relationship is in a problem and your partner chooses to break it off, then you might find it really challenging to listen to what he/she has to say.

Excellent interaction is necessary in any healing relationship, however especially so if you are attempting to save an unhappy relationship while overcoming infidelity.

To save your relationship and avoid your partner from moving on, break up interaction is essential.

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To healing and a better life,

James Nussbaumer

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