Women Dating Older and Other Women Dating Younger Men: A Trend Today?

There are women dating older men and loving the age gap, and on the hand there are younger men who prefer to date older ladies.

Some men are claiming that older women are more enjoyable to be with and more rewarding compared to younger ladies.

In this article let’s discuss both sides of the coin here, where on one side men dating an older woman 20 years of his age. On the other side, it’s the women having a relationship with an older man.

First let’s look at what the men are saying about the benefits of dating an older woman.

  • Older ladies are more intriguing.

Even though there many women dating older, still older women mean that they already have more experiences and seem to have tremendous self-confidence in life.

Since they can talk a lot of possible subjects which will help both of you feel comfortable, being with them is not boring.

“You can ask her about anything,” some had said about women dating younger men.



Great conversation begins with an individual that has lots of experiences.

While on the other hand, women dating older, meaning, a younger lady is shy and has many problems in life.

“Older females are more fully grown and open-minded,” said other men on the experience of dating an older woman 20 years his age.

  • Older women can talk filthy yet fun and healthy jokes and flirt.

If you are having conversation with an older lady, you are not tip toeing around on an eggshell, so to speak, because it takes more effort before she will be angered unlike teens or more youthful women.

Older ladies won’t push you in terms of being obligated about your relationship.

Lots of males nowadays choose females that are mature because they hate pressures about relationships.

  • Women dating younger men seem to have a best sex partner.

Thus, lots of guys enjoy the idea of women dating younger men.

This is due to the fact that a female that is already in forties. Fifties, and beyond currently accomplished something in life.

Hence, they are more positive and reliable and pleasant to be with specifically when a real dating relationship is taking place.  

  • Older females are less needy.

Well, this is true to all older women. They are independent and comprehend that no one is best in this world.

Unlike the younger ones that need you to be constantly adoring her and that you must always be stunning in her eyes, because to impress her girlfriends.

Women dating younger men don’t ask that you be a superhero in her eyes and simply want you as basic as you are.

She’s more concerned about the quality of time you are spending with her.

Another element with women dating younger men is the fact that older females understand their defects and simply accept it easily.

Well, these are just a handful of reasons why many men like the idea of women dating a younger guy, where the younger men have someone more mature and can understand that guys are all different in what they want from a woman.

Therefore, they have to accept it effortlessly.

There are guys who prefer to date older women, and many guys say that older women are more enjoyable to be with and more pleasing compared to younger women.

So now let’s jump into women dating older men and that dating an older man is increasing in popularity in today’s world.

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Why Are Older Men Dating Younger Women

Older men dating more youthful women are becoming a more popular phenomenon, particularly in the last few years.

With women dating older or having an older significant other, this is commonly referred to as a “Spring to Autumn” romance, due to the fact that there is a considerable age difference in between the lady and the man, or the man and the lady.

While it appears a lot more common for younger guys to date older ladies, older guys dating more youthful females is likewise becoming a popular phenomenon, despite the fact that some will view it to be out of the ordinary.

Normally speaking, in circumstances of the old man and young woman scenario, the younger lady is typically trying to find something specific.

It is a recognized reality that females can be attracted to older males for a number of factors.

This does not necessarily imply that an early twenties women will date a male of seventy or eighty, however rather relative to their age, ladies are more than willing to date men who are 20 years or so older than them.

This is how a relationship with an older man is happening often all over the world and not only in western countries.

  • In most cases, females are searching for their spouse to be.

With women dating older the qualities that females are trying to find in their future partners are the same qualities that guys somewhat older than them are showing.

Many women are more than going to admit that they are looking for a positive and strong guy.

Ladies are not necessarily looking for virile and young hunter collector types, but when it comes to older men dating more youthful ladies, the qualities that shine through generally begin with honesty.

Sure, it may also be dating an older man for his stability or the ability to support a household, or provide for on a long term basis.

So generally in situations with women dating older, the younger woman is searching for a male she can settle with, despite whether or not this is what the guy is trying to find.

The characteristics that women are trying to find in their “captured man,” if you will,  are most commonly found in men aged 20-25 years older, and as females age, they are still regularly looking for somebody older.


It’s because it is presumed that older males are more down-to-earth, more mature and more efficient in attending to whoever they are with.

This is the reason older men dating more youthful females is becoming prevalent today.

Women are continuously on the lookout for somebody older and more mature, and the majority of guys appear to have no problem supplying most of what these females are searching for.

In these situations of dating an older man, the men are looking for something totally different, because many do not choose more youthful women as perfect better-half material.

I mean that, still, in these scenarios both the old man and young woman in the relationship seem to get the characteristics and attributes that they require.

  • If the relationship works and everyone is satisfied, that’s truly all there is.

Normally in situations with older guys dating more youthful ladies, the female is looking for a man she can settle down with, regardless of whether or not this is what the man is looking for.

The qualities that females are looking for in a long term relationship with an older man are most commonly discovered in males aged 20 years past the younger woman.

Yet as females age, they are still consistently looking for somebody older, since it is assumed that older men are more settled in the world, business, home life and family, vacationing, relaxing, and more.

With women dating older it is usually for maturity reasons and more capable of offering a better life with security in many ways including emotionally.

  • Here’s what some women dating older men had to say:

“They are extra fully grown and mature and currently recognize that points do not constantly occur the manner they should all the time,” replied a 33 year old from Ohio.

“This is why older men are more understanding as well as individual and upfront, yet sensitive in nature with their companions.

Older guys are additionally much better when it comes to managing their financial resources. If you are dating an older guy, he might not be rich but he understands the importance of investing.”

One 38 year old women entrepreneur from Dunedin, Florida said, “I’ve constantly searched for an older guy.”

As well as, when I claim ‘older’ I mean to imply men that are 18-30 years older than I and not the “old” kind that are droopy and actually old.

I am constantly attracted to them who are young at heart, yet mature and wise.”

Maybe it is their maturation, or the means they reveal their point of views on challenging subjects or it is the means they connect with others or possibly it is since they are currently self-dependent.

In an another interview a younger woman said that some of her girlfriends have stated that she could be simply searching for a father-figure, however she added, “I know in my heart that is not case.”

Whether it is women dating older, or women dating a younger man, there’s a great deal of wonderful reasons why it is perfectly okay and appropriate.

After all, the Course in Miracles states:

  • “The holy relationship, a major step toward the perception of the real world, is learned. It is the old, unholy relationship, transformed and seen anew.”

That being stated, in today’s world it seems to be a wonderful site when an adult couple from two different generations can connect.

Wouldn’t you agree? 


Sure there are many women dating older, but it’s also a given that the older woman currently attained something in life and dating a younger man.

Many men are claiming that older women have more experiences in life and are more emotionally secure.

If you are having discussion with an older woman, you are not worrying so much about saying something a younger woman might claim to be out of place.

But on the other hand, while it appears much more common for younger guys to date older women, the younger woman, too, is having a relationship with an older man.

The dating an older man scenario is becoming quite popular in all corners of the globe today, even though some will see it to be out of place.

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To success in life and love,

James Nussbaumer

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