Real Success Answers for How to be Rich and Successful in Life

Have you ever questioned real success and why a few different people who have started with all the very same benefits and disadvantages, which appear similar in nearly every way to achieve success, can wind up different in their success goals?

Have you ever wondered how somebody can begin with all the drawbacks in life, yet attain success that goes beyond those who start with all the advantages?

Have you ever questioned how somebody can start with nothing, yet build a wonderful fortune in just a few years?

The primary difference between those who accomplish objectives and goals and dreams in their lives, to those who only accomplish mediocrity is the psychology of success.

Here are a few characteristics of a psychology of success:


You’ve heard the saying that to believe favorable is to see the glass that seems to be only half filled as ‘nearly full.’

Then you have the negative wrong-minded ego—that aspect in us all that likes to doubt and judge based on fear, will see the glass as ‘nearly empty.’  

Well, favorable thinking is taking the ‘glass nearly full’ mindset and using it to every part of your life for real success.

Highly effective individuals are optimists.



Successful individuals always discover the positive from any circumstance, problem or crisis that depends on their course to success.

Effective people constantly right-mindedly think that whatever it is that is occurring in their life is taking place for a purpose.

The Course in Miracles states, “The goal must be formulated clearly and kept in mind.”

More importantly, by thinking form the right-minded positive aspect in you, you’re able to discover much, much more from everything that occurs to you, bad or good.

It’s typically said that you find out the most from your issues, temporary failures and issues that you deal with, not from the successes.

However you can only get the learning you require for real success by believing positive and finding the benefit from the situation, learning exactly what you can do to prevent it in the future, and continuing your course to real success.


Everybody has problems in their life.

Everybody has concerns they have to overcome to attain success. The difference in between not-so-successful people and how successful people grow is how they deal with the problems in their life.

  • Unsuccessful people have the ‘lacking or scarcity’ mindset.
  • Not-so-successful people think that things are taking place to them, that they have no control over what is happening.

Even worse, they complain about the problems in their life: grumbling is the single, most obvious indication of an unsuccessful person.

Highly effective individuals who experience real success, on the other hand, have actually a solution oriented mentality.

Effective individuals think that there is a service to the issues that they are currently facing, and believe that there is constantly another way to overcome any problem.

The Course in Miracles further states, “Learning and wanting to learn are inseparable. You learn best when you believe what you are trying to learn is of value to you.”

  • More importantly, successful individuals act instead of grumble.

Successful people never grumble, they always look for a solution to overcome the issue that they’re dealing with no matter how dire the circumstance seems.


  • Effective individuals believe in creating big.
  • Not-so-successful people believe littleness.
  • Effective people have an objective for a better life.
  • Unsuccessful people don’t have any goals at all.
  • Successful people understand that they are destined for a better life.
  • Not successful people accept their life as it is.

Thinking and creating huge is a vital characteristic of effective individuals. Believing huge is when you see in your mind’s eye a goal that is bigger than you are.

Believing huge is working and having a dream at making that dream come true, and is when you envision exactly what your life would resemble if it were perfect in every regard, then taking action on making it happen.

When it comes to thinking huge was that of the late Steve Jobs, the best example I can think of because I admired his perseverance so much.

Before he started Apple Computer he had a vision, of exactly what he would like to achieve in his life … that every home and every business need to have a computer.

He followed his dream and has developed a life that, in the start, was just a dream.


  • Courage is a strong desire to succeed.
  • Ambition is when you put in great effort to attain something crucial in your life.

When you are so thrilled about achieving your goal moving to your goal is a reflection of Heaven.

Successful people are enthusiastic, and where you will find that unsuccessful people are not, while highly effective people are eager to reach their goals.

  • Unsuccessful people have no objectives to be excited about.

Successful people do not just sit of the sideline and wait for things to take place for them, but they indeed do something about it every day because they aspire to make things happen.

Successful people have such a strong desire to make things happen that nothing can stop them from achieving real success.


Effective people know this, unsuccessful people do not. Successful people move at an extremely fast rate and want to make things take place today.

Moving with a sense of urgency indicates not losing time on the ordinary, and with a sense of seriousness suggests aiming to squeeze more into a day.

Moving with a sense of urgency indicates moving faster every day. Moving with a sense of urgency indicates working late into the evening to meet deadlines if one must.

Moving with a sense of urgency indicates getting those jobs that have the best effect on your outcomes done today.

Think of it … the actions needed to make a million or two million dollars are the exact same whether you take a single year or multiple years.

Effective individuals understand this and they want to achieve their goals in the shortest possible time.

Another thing to think about is that the opportunities of you attaining a goal of real success considerably reduce with time.

This means that you have a greater possibility of making that million or two in one year, instead of over many years.


Effective individuals are pleased by pleasing outcomes, do not settle for less, and are focused on the result they attain.

Being results focused makes ways for setting objectives and goals, and doing everything in your power to attain them.

Being results focused indicates only being satisfied with results, and indicates not wasting time. Being clearly focused on results means taking action on learning what you must for the most important jobs and getting them done.

Next, let’s begin a discussion on what real success truly means:

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What is the True Meaning of Success

How can I be successful is answered and defined quite differently for everyone.

When asking yourself how to be successful, you must truly be asking what would make you thrilled and alive with purpose and passion in life.

Real success requires more than just material gain.

The true meaning of success is a mix of living conveniently and being really pleased with your professional and personal lives.

In order to succeed, you need to own the key to success and want to learn how to be rich and successful from your heart.

Readiness and Willingness

You can achieve your personal objectives and lead a fulfilling personal life if you discover how to prepare for real success, but at the same time prepare for setbacks.

Readiness and willingness to be organized for specific goals are personality traits and of the habits of highly effective individuals, and is how successful people grow.

When searching for the true meaning of success, bear in mind that success is specified separately and when searching for the ideal formula for a successful life, remember that the very best investment is you.

A Passion for your work

  • A passion for your work will go a long journey in your quest to achieve success.
  • If you are dissatisfied with your professional life, the other areas in your life will suffer.
  • Analyze your weak points and strengths.
  • Direct your profession in the direction that will enable you to be the most productive.

Every task within a profession has unwanted elements, however by minimizing the time you invest in tiresome, repeated jobs, you will be able to invest more time on the aspects of your job that you enjoy.

Time Management Skills

Improving your time management skills and arranging your daily regimen will permit you to concentrate on the things you want, instead of being frustrated due to the fact that you spend a great deal of your day carrying out jobs that are undesirable.

By effectively using your time, you can increase your productivity and minimize your level of stress and anxiety.

The very best investment is you when you are looking for principles and solutions to improve your profession and your individual life.

You need to plan your everyday activities simply as you ought to prepare your life.

The more time you spend cultivating your abilities and improving on your weaknesses, the more you purchase your future, and the better you will discover the true meaning of success and enjoy it to the fullest.

Never Opt for Mediocrity

In order to perform at your full potential, you should have enthusiasm for the work that you do.

While not everybody has the luxury of operating at a task they love, you can learn how to take advantage of your tasks and your life if you practice correct time management.

  • Build upon your strengths.
  • The finest financial investment is you.
  • When you are looking to find it look within you.

The Course in Miracles teaches and reminds us in several ways throughout its many spiritual metaphysical principles to, “Never be afraid to look within.”

When you are thrilled and passionate in exactly what you do, have an enthusiasm for life, and accomplish your objectives, you will take pleasure in success and monetary security.

Real success is a combination of living comfortably and being happy with life in this world and with your individual and professional lives.

You can achieve your personal goals and lead a fulfilling individual life if you learn to prepare for success, but at the very same time prepare for problems.

When browsing your heart for the real meaning of a successful life, remember that success is specified within you, and when looking for the best formula for an effective life, keep in mind that the best investment is you.

The more time you spend cultivating your abilities and enhancing on your weak points, the more you invest in your future and the better you will discover what success is and enjoy it to the fullest.


The distinction in between successful individuals and not-so-successful individuals is how they handle the issues in their life.

Successful people believe big and have an objective for a better life.

Believing in creating big is a vital characteristic of effective individuals and all successful people understand this, where not-so-successful individuals don’t.

Remember that the best financial investment is you, and that means constantly improving your abilities, your relationships with others.

By doing so, your productivity will offer you a feeling of achievement and put you on the road to discovering what real success really is.

When you have a purpose and passion for what you do, and dedicated to achieve your goals, you will enjoy success and financial security.

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To owning the key to success,

James Nussbaumer

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