Why Do I Feel So Down?-An Ego Thought Obscuring the Light of the Power of Attraction

When he asked me why do I feel so down, eventually I told him to consider something: I made it clear to him what was going on within himself. Luckily for both of us he accepted without resistance.

I informed him about the clear reflective power to increase his own power of attraction by the power of reflection instead of projection, while eliminating the wrong-minded ego-based energy only giving him more of what he really does not want.

He diligently went about this practice and within a couple of days things started skyrocketing for him. He continued going forward and within months he was well on his way to his earning potential, let alone his health well-being.

Quite honestly despite his vast knowledge of universal law, or rather let’s say, power of attraction and of inner awareness he was stuck. He could not seem to get out of the rut and his deep dark miserable circumstances.

When he learned why he was saying to himself, why do I feel so down, he then knew to apply a simple technique that altered those gloomy thought patterns in his space, all of that did change.

A lack of money can get most people to feel quite frustrated and stagnant about life. If you could change your situation from one of lack to one where money is flowing into your life would you take the steps?

Once understood you can and do create outstanding results, he is remarkable proof that the techniques to applying the power of attraction.

Frustrated and stagnant about life

The funny thing about this man is that he knew the law of attraction and he knew quite a few things that most people don’t even have a clue about.

Every time he made the statement why do I feel so down, he was blaming the universe for what he did not want. He was no doubt vibrating from a place of lack and keeping the law of attraction from doing its job.

Many people acquire lots of knowledge but never use it. What makes the knowledge complete is having an actual technique a step by step plan to make that knowledge work. It’s called watch, listen, and take action.

Many people experience similar feelings of why do I feel so down , or just being simply stuck. They know that certain steps need to be applied, but they cannot shift their old state of projection.

These ego-based projections of lacking and projecting more of a scarcity mentality hovers like fog or heavy cloud cover that needs light drawn to it so it will fade away.

A Course in Miracles states, “You will never rest until you know your function and fulfill it, for only in this can your will and your Father’s be wholly joined.”

A while later I met another guy who was quite down on his luck and frustrated about how to succeed in life.

He had a moaned and groaned while stating. “Why am I not able to succeed, if I only had more money I could be doing this and that.”

Mindfulness meditation techniques

There are many wonderful books, DVD’s and other systems on mindfulness mediation techniques, that do help clear away old negative debris that must be dealt with first, before the new circumstances can manifest miracles in your everyday life.

Once it is done the changes begin to show in such a magnificent way, and it does require an easy daily practice.

Using the laws of the universe and its power of attraction to manifest every day miracles, or quite simply, what it is you want in life, is powerful granted you apply the necessary techniques.

Using the power of attraction to manifest is the same, and will help from thinking thoughts like, why do I feel so down.

With applying the law of attraction A Course in Miracles teaches, “When you are weary, remember you have hurt yourself. Your Comforter will rest you, but you cannot.”

Simply tell your inner divine Guide—the Holy Spirit what you need in this world to live your true free will, and then, watch, listen, and take action.

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To the power of attraction in your life,

James Nussbaumer

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